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  1. Looks Like wild type NEOS to me, or low grade chocolate Neocaridina. but I'm no expert.
  2. A few more months and I can move into my new home and build my new shrimp room/office.

  3. I posted about that on the Facebook page, I'm really considering getting one because I think it will acclimate the shrimp better because you will have them at a prefect match to the water there going in not off by a little bit because this thing seems to replace all the water in the container to the water of your tank, when you do the drip method your just adding your water to the transported water and i can see that raising TDS, kh and gh from the water they are going into. I think it could help with getting shrimp to higher PH then they are used to so we can get them in a better area that mo
  4. 1. Marali 2. StarryNight15 3. Forumsnow 4. mayphly 5. roborep1 6.sincitybet 7. Cindygao0217 8. Chiumanfu 9. Phreeflow 10. Poopians 11. Johnnytran 12. Lyana 13. Jaykidding 14. Linda 15. Thekonexperiment 16. Dr0p 17. Sunsetsearider 18. Sbarbee54 19. MikeOKC 20. Duff0712 21. 07armando17 22. swivel 23. Schaferaquatics 24. Amanda Panda 25. Fishcrazy 26. Shrimple minded 27. sewoeno 28. Jaden 29. 9thragon 30. Chemd36 31. Betoy54 32. Faralon 33. Nmac15 34. lind 35 shouu 36. Serenityfate 37. Evilguppy 38. Fishprinceofca 39. Scipio 40. Shigure 41. mlsthuy1 42. ro
  5. Wish it was the first of the month, when I have extra spending money. Paying for step daughters drivers ed, set the budget back a month
  6. I'll do better start a journal at the first of the month. Sorry about derailing thread.
  7. I'm not going to cross them, I have a friend that's got some pearls that have a line on them, not really sure if they are pearls I was going to see what I can get out of them on there own. There for personal collection.
  8. I'm using red cherry shrimp, right now but plan on getting yellow, and pearl shrimp, I'm going to breed for different color racing lines, because I love how it offsets shrimps. I think same color lines are bland.
  9. amazing shrimp I hope my soon to be project turns out some cool shrimp like that one. I love the ones with different color stripes from the body color
  10. I overclock pc's alot your problem is either faulty card or the thermal paste between the gpu and its he's sink has dried out or gotten old, your gpu sounds like its going into safety shutdown, if it's not that the could be the CPU thermal paste has went bad, something is shutting down your PC to keep from messing something up, or there is a bad driver somewhere it don't have to be graphics card drivers could just be sound or lan most likely its thermal paste though happens alot on mine
  11. I'm looking to buy some nice colored yellow shrimp at the beginning of next month, I would like to see pics of shrimp before I buy, I want to buy 2 groups of ten each from two different people. Would like to have price and and shipping price. I'm looking for neon colored or unique like different strips or really wow. This is for my project im starting.Thanks
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