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  1. I'm still alive guys Appreciate all the love. I miss everything shrimp except the importing part lol. Being in the Bay when I was doing it hardcore was easy since SF was an international import hub. Moving to the Central Valley didnt help so I got into something else that I really love doing. Painting fishing lures and fishing at least once a week using my lures is my job now. Go LIKE my page on FB if you like to fish or just wanna follow me. www.facebook.com/SpeedLures Thanks all, Nick
  2. Just got some in. LMK if you haven't found any yet.
  3. It's my pleasure Archie. I'm here for all your shrimp needs so just holler when you need more Good luck and have fun with the new shrimp!
  4. Great idea Bryce, but I also think shrimping is too early in it's infancy stage here in the US to go large scale as some of you may be thinking it would be. More realistically, having it in CA would be ideal for attendance being there's many shrimpers here in CA compared to the rest of the US. Also another issue is the type of shrimp State side folks will be showing here in the US is nothing compared to what Asia and Europe currently have and are developing. It would just be more like a US shrimpers meet n greet/auction. That's the way I see it at least. Though if there was ever an event, I would be more than happy help where I could. - Nick
  5. You're the man Bryce! I'd like your comment but I've met my quota limit
  6. Bloody Mary are born fairly fugly looking, some are even clear. They will color up later, unlike PFR where they are born with lots of red pigmentation from the get go.
  7. Still too small to really tell. Let it grow a bit and show us again in a few months. It does have the typical Caridina pattern though.
  8. Blanched spinach. My shrimp love stinging nettle too but I don't have access to them readily so I stick to spinach and they go nuts for it.
  9. Sorry about that Banana. Lmk when you're ready to try again as discussed via pm. Usps has been sucking big time this entire summer. So many unexplained delays on many packages since I've been back. It didn't use to be this bad...
  10. Poopians, In order to get your refund, you must have the Express package reciepts filled out and make sure the clerk signs and stamps it with their nifty stamp. That is your claim ticket in case the package don't make it for the guaranteed delivery time. All you have to do is take that slip back to your post office and they can look it up on their 1985 CPUs. I had to teach my local post office how this was done because they had never dealt with Express Guarantee refunds prior to my arrival at this location . At first they were trying to say, since I used online shipping, I probably need to claim it online.... ummmmm NO! It's the duty of every local post office to issue the refund. Opening up a claim will usually prompt headquarters to expedite finding your package only. It still won't guarantee it'll make it on time if it's already lost in their system. Nick
  11. What a horrible experience. I'm just super happy you got them and they're doing good. Most importantly you like them . You guys don't even know half the dirt I have on usps.... I'll save it for another day. They've been ok for me lately so I'm not going to jinx myself just yet lol. One thing tho... Get to know your local PO employees well especially your carrier if you order a lot of stuff that's shipped. It always works out to your benefit that way.
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