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  1. Not all F4 female Amano shrimp are sterile after all. Working on second batch F5 Amano shrimp larvae and back on track for F5 Amano shrimp.
  2. Curiosity and challenge or a little bit of both. The above vid of F5 larvae was the only batch I got out of F4 Amano shrimp and they didn’t survived. They’re closed to sterile and not productive. Here another vid of F2 larvae at a few days old. The four years old F1 Amano shrimp still hatching larvae.
  3. A couple days old first batch F5 Amano shrimp larvae.
  4. From F3 on, tank raised Amano shrimp developed like gold fish and takes time to grow to its potential color. Take about a year at least. In the F4 video clips, there are three different color traits in there, a greenish color, yellowish and grayish color.
  5. Mainly.. pure luck and persistent that get the journal going.
  6. Dropped a few larvae in Opae Ula tank one time and they lasted about a week.
  7. Kept a few (1/2 a dozen) home bred that never left the brackish water since born with Opae Ula and they live close to four Years. Didn’t have any berries shrimp.. Added some salt in the berried female tank before, can’t remember any babies hatch from the female or didn’t know the salinity either.
  8. Pre berries F4 breeder group.
  9. I also test the KH, Calcium, PH. Ammonia and Nitrate.
  10. RCS struggling to get some algae wafer.
  11. Some a couple months old F4 shrimplets feeding ken’s fish veggie wafer.
  12. Couldn’t tell, they’re fighting or playing.
  13. Some of the F4 larvae about to morph into shrimplets in 10-15 days.
  14. On to another generation F4 larvae. They’re about a week old. :
  15. A number of them turn into shrimplets.
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