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  1. Looking for Yellow or Orange Neos, Ramshorn, MTS snails and floating plants.
  2. Welcome! Are you going to keep the shrimp in the outdoor tubs? I am sure they will fine with the extra space and sunlight as long as its not freezing cold outside.
  3. Shrimpo

    Howdy all!

    Yes it's been a while but I am back, I remember when we were about couple hundred members
  4. Bamboo shrimp are filter feeders and appreciate some water movement that brings them food, moderate filtration is ok just don't overkill it.
  5. The first picture looks like female snowball and the second one looks like a male.
  6. Looking for 1 or 2 pieces of large driftwood.
  7. Check the water PH, if it started to get too low then remove some of the driftwood, I could be wrong though.
  8. Shrimpo

    Howdy all!

    Shrimp keeping is really fun, welcome to the forum.
  9. Shrimpo


    Do not underestimate little buggers in large number.
  10. Shrimpo


    ddd_sss could you provide a link to your set up.
  11. Shrimpo


    Yes, 1 light for the shrimp and 1 for the plants, 12 hours on a timer.
  12. Shrimpo


    Water is lifted upward nicely , the actual tray with large holding cells is on the way, the one in these pictures is just for testing purpose. The cells will have Grow-stone Hydrostones as a media for the herbs roots, I tested the water capillary action with these stones the other day in a cup 20% full of water and about 90% of the stones were wet which is great.
  13. Shrimpo


    How did you set it up? which herbs are best candidates to grow hydroponically?
  14. Shrimpo


    Hi Shrimpers! I just came back to the hobby after a long break, I keep some herbs outdoor in large containers such as Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Oregano...but I want to have few clippings continue to grow indoor during winter time, therefore I thought of having seedling starter tray above my shrimp tank that gets aquarium water through water capillary action, the tray will have a 7" dome with adjustable vents to reduce evaporation.
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