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    I've been keeping shrimp since 2011, in 2016 I started putting more time on it and getting more tanks every year.
    Trying to be one of the bests in Canada.
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    Sulawesi: Dennerli, White Orchid, Blue Legs and more to come.
    Caridinas: Black KK, Yellow KK, REd Ruby, CRS, CBS, SCR
    Tigers: Blue Tiger OE, Royal Blue OE, Red Tiger, more to come.
    Neos: Blue Jelly, Blue Velvet, Blue Dream, Blue Diamond, Black Rose, Bloody Mary, Green Babaulti, Pumpkin, more to come.

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  1. I've been buying from them, great products and service. Congrats. Thumbs up!, Ricardo
  2. So, I wanted to know more about this, so all week I was looking at my Cardinals (around 25 of them) and one morning I was able to spot one blue!! As soon as I turn the lights on, it started to get their particular red color (it took it like 3-5 minutes). So, I was right they changed color depending on the lighting. I tried to take a picture but my phone was not focusing. I will try another day. Also if you notice they have spots which can be blue, so there must be somekind of natural quimical in their body that generates this bluewish colors. So, this does not mean that he's not right. Maybe his shrimp has something that prevents it to get back to its "real" color. By the way, I'm planning to get some Harlequins, anyone knows anything about their care? I'm planning to use RO/DI water with 8.5 Sulawesi minerals. Greetings to all!
  3. ricleyle


    My Sulawesi Cardinal Pictures
  4. Hello all, I have a small 6 gallons aquarium with Cardinals only for about 2 years now, and yes I've noticed that when the lights are off they change colors, kind of transparent, but after a few minutes under the light they start getting a solid color. By looking at the picture the blue is not that solid so this might be the reason, could it be that in his leds he has blue ones? I'm very interesting in having an update! Regards,
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