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  1. Hi what are the 5 th photo of the red and black shrimp ?
  2. Hi, I have a 9 gallon Eheime tank with my tangerine tigers x CRS cross 1-2 generation and 1-2 bloody mary shrimp , I want to buy 10-12 more Bloody mary shrimp . Where have you guys bought your Bloodys from , and help will be great thanks ..
  3. Hi, I was lucky enough to have a CRS cross with a TT female , my shrimplets are 1/4 + inch long with black stripes across the body and a orange base color in the body... All of my CRS are gone dead but I have adult TT shrimp still in the tank, what will my next generation of this mix look like ? I have about 10 of them are these hybrid worth much $ ? thanks..
  4. Hi, if I can find shipping bags I have Bloody mary shrimp small 1/4 -1/2 inch 15 for 35.00 shipping 12.00 tks
  5. Hi, I have a tank with Bloody mary shrimp and TT shrimp and PRL … I have shrimplets of the BMS with more coming .. The PRL have died of from my original 14 and I have 4 large PRL 3 males and 1 female.. The tangerine tigers are mixed sex, I think 1 female TT had these shrimplet it looks from a PRL crs the babies are weird looking less than 1/4 inch they are black with clear stripes inbetween. I wanted to know if anyone mixed TT with PRL and what your babies looked like ? thank you Happy turkey all !
  6. Hi , thank you for the great advise on the worms and bugs in my tank, Ill just feed less and wait it out and maybe siphon more once I get in the mail, thanks again..
  7. Hi, my 9 gallon ehime tank have been running 6 + months now. I have bloody mary and TT shrimp and a few CRS in it, my BM shrimp just started to have shrimplets my TT are berried also. My problem is a have detrise worms andwhite small bugs a lot also in my tank. About 6 months ago I had planaria -I emptied the tank and bombed them with dog dewormer that killed the planaria, should I bomb my tank again , Im getting a good water change siphon and I only feed 3 times a week should I stop feeding for a week or 2 ? thanks
  8. Thanks for the info , I have 3-4 berried BM shrimp in 3-4 weeks Ill know if ant survive here is one of the Berried Females tks
  9. Well I shouldn't of used Brightwell substrate on my mixed 9 gallon Eheime tank, I have bloody mary and TT shrimp and a few CRS . My Bloody mary shrimp are going to have shrimplets in a about a month, my PH is 6 .2-6.4 , I know this is low for the BM, do you think the babies will survive ? thanks....
  10. Hi again, yes its about 6.2 the PH , I want to try to raise it slowly would how much baking soda in my water change water would raise it slowly ? My tank is a 9 gallon with a lot of Brightwell substate . thanks..
  11. Hi thanks for the info guys, I think Ill just hose it down and let it sink about a week in a separate container , thanks again..
  12. Hi, I just had my water checked by PetSmart well it free ! All looks OK but my PH is about 6.2 , I have neos bloody mary and card a few CRS and tangerine tiger shrimp . I have Brightwell substate and alder cones and almond leaves + moss ect in my tank a 9 gallon Eheime thanks ..
  13. Hi, I have a bloody mary and TT shrimp tank with a good amount of moss that with my dragon stones is covering my substate almost completely... I want thinking of buying a Y cholla wood from e-bay they are in New Mexico and I guess gather it from there. they only wash it , what do I have to do before I put it in my tank , is soaking it for a week enough to make sure there is no nasties on it ? tks
  14. Hi, I bought 2 different groups of bloody mary shrimp , its a month or so now and a few have a separation in their shell and some are lighter in color than my RED ones . I dontbknow if their male or female should I cull them will the shrimplets have the same problems as the parents ? tks.
  15. Hi, can someone tell me if you keep nerite snails in your shrimp tanks? I read that they are docile with plants -fish shrimp is this true, how large do they get? tks
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