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  1. Yeah thanks I think Im going to stick with controsoil since it seems cheaper, what size do you use extra fine or fine? EDIT: Also decided to consider SL aqua soil and controsoil. Anyone prefer one over another?
  2. Exact same pic, is your name Odnalor Zepol?
  3. Oh my Lordy Jesus they are beautiful. Gimme gimme gimme!!!
  4. Nice shrimp! What type of soil is that? Looks like nice smooth stones except a small pebble size
  5. Awesome I want to see what the babies look like
  6. So today, my last blue bolt berried should have the babies hatching since some of the eggs have eyes, and are missing. BUT as you guys said they have blackish to bluish color eggs at the end of the gestion. Mine has brown eggs lol
  7. Ok great, thanks ill tell you if i find any.
  8. No its too hard to find them lol
  9. But since it molted and 2 eggs were left behind does that mean the other eggs hatched?
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