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  1. Great seller to work with, great prices and lots of extras!

  2. Mother is 3rd photo, First 2 are offspring with varying coverage/pattern.
  3. Had a bit of a boom, and sadly need the tank space for another project here soon. Potentially 15+ ready to go. They look anywhere from lower grade CBS to almost full Tiger body and all manner in between. If anyone is interested, I can also provide juvie - adult OEBT extras. Original Cross was OEBT x Mischling due to growth rate(they grow quick!). Photos included to show Mother, and offspring example types.
  4. Been away for quite a while now, but happy to pop in and see this still going. Looks like some very promising examples so far! It gives me great hope for my own pinto project. I've got a single homemade surviving Tibee female(who also was the best looking!) that just berried off my favorite Shadow Panda. Super excited to see what she turns out, fingers crossed.
  5. Looks like you have an excellent start. It takes a bit to get things dialed in, but if you can make it that long, it's well worth it. When you mention you can't afford an RO/DI unit, have you checked out places like PureWaterClub.com? You can get units for as little as $50 that work great. Just a thought =) Looking forward to the future progression, that branch is outstanding!
  6. 2 of my lovely Hino Shadow Pandas. An upclose photo of said Hino Shadow Panda And for the general nature lovers out there - a Piebald!! White Tail Deer that hangs out in my front yard, and drives the dogs absolutely nuts
  7. An LED flashlight is what orginally got my attention for them Another pic which shows detail (and clarity) a bit better. Either way, I'm super excited. Later today I pick up 20 more to round out the colony!
  8. Fire Red, they are not. I honestly have no idea what they are at this point, now that I've taken pics. The differences between the two colonies are stunning! The first 2 pics are of an existing colony I have. The second 2 are the new set I picked up. Holy cow! Take a look!
  9. Just wanted to share the little bit of good luck I had this past week. I guess it was the universe's way of evening things out, or taking the sting off, would be closer =P I was eagerly awaiting a new shipment of shrimp, but it didn't turn out so well... As I was down about that, I figured I would go wandering to one of the semi-local LFS to see what they had. In the past they have had low grade cherries, and a few bamboo shrimp, so why not? As I'm wandering the tanks, I find one with 6 shrimp in individual jars that look like high grade PFR, but the lighting wasn't great. Asking about them, the poor staff didn't know anything about them other than the asking price of $9.99 each. OUCH! Double checking the tank, I use my phones light to check the coloring again and see it's off.... not like the PFR I have, but more clear, and deep. Bloody Marys?!?! Couldn't be...not here?? I figured why not take the chance? Of the 6, I noticed 3 were berried so those were the testers I took home after talking them down to less than 1/2 price. With better lighting, and side by side comparison, they are indeed Bloody Marys! I went back the next day to pick up the other 3, to find only 1 left =( Asked about the 1, and found they had 5 more come in! Score! One member of staff knew about them, and honored the price from the day before. All in all, I picked up 9 Bloody Marys, of which 5!! are berried. Instant colony for a great deal, at a LFS no less. New beginnings from disaster. This life journey is strange indeed. TL;DR Version - Found 9(5 berried) Bloody Marys at LFS for instant colony! I'll have to get some pics in the next few days!
  10. dr0p


    1. Vshrimp 2. Shrimp lady 3. Sarah 4. Soothing Shrimp 5. svetilda 6. 9thdragon 7. BigXor 8. Pescador 9. Jimko 10. Pokeshrimp 11.Wet Green Thumb 12. Bigbluefrog 13. Rodan76 14. PuffPuff 15.fishyladdy 16. Adrand 17. 240ric 18. Shrimp lover 19. Shrimpfreak 20. Hersheyb 21. Dr0p Super generous of you!
  11. I've got various Tigers in most of my neo tanks, and a few caridina too. OEBT/CRS, RBT/Orange Rili, Red Tiger/Blue Dream, and Aura Blue Tigers/PFR. The OEBT/RBT are more aggresive, but everyone still gets plenty. The Tigers with the Non-Orange eyes behave much the same as the tankmates they share with. You shouldn't have any issues :-) The only real bullies I have in any tanks are the Amano's. They get huge, and DGAF.
  12. I have one tank that was dropping about 1 a day while feeding Double Speed. All my other tanks are totally fine, just the Mischling tank that was being rocked. Stopped feeding it to that tank, and the deaths have stopped. Continued in all the others without issue however. Not sure what the issue was in the Misch tank, but I did a total tank reset just to be sure. Now trying to decide if I want to try it with them again or not
  13. 1. Vpier 2. Adrand 3. Shrimpworks 4. svetilda 5. Tyler44 6. Vshrimp 7. pokeshrimp 8. falcon 9. Epitaph 10. Mengyone 11. Shrimple 12. Jaykidding 13. Pescador 14. Hersheyb 15. d0pey 16. Slycat929 17. tienhuynh 18. Eloodaku 19. Rockadoodle 20. Big Blue Frog 21. Lukeo85 22.Puffpuff 23. Dwc 24. Steve R. 25. DETAquarium 26. Dr0p Thank you!
  14. 1.Poopians 2. Adrand 3. DemonUnleashed 4. Pokeshrimp 5. jem_xxiii 6. kikojaharo 7. mjb1959 8. 240ric 9. NWroostin 10. Jaykidding 11. Amanda Panda 12. Lyana 13. Wygglz 14. NeMox69x 15. Vshrimp 16. Shrimple Minded 17. mbenjamin16 18. Fishprinceofca 19. _ontherocks 20. svetilda 21. vpier 22. Pescador 23. Shrimp lady 24. Dr0p Super generous of you, thanks!
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