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  1. OKay, I think I'm done listing for now. I may have some other things, but I'll know when I get these cleared out.
  2. Who knows what the future holds, dealend.:)
  3. As long as shrimpers share knowledge freely and are kind and good to each other, I'm happy to have made friends.
  4. Thank you, Wyzazz. Thanks, Wygglz. Situations change, and life goes on, but friendships in all walks of life are valued.
  5. I work graveyard shift now, so have to get a nap in before work. I'll list more tomorrow. Please be patient if I don't get back to you immediately. Working nights, sleeping in the day and still trying to be there for family is exhausting. I have a gym meet for my daughter's gymnastics on Sat, so I won't be around that day most likely. By the time I get back, I'll be lucky to get much sleep at all before work. This is taking a bit longer than expected to list everything in my very little free time each day. So, your patience while updating my list for free things (as it
  6. Thanks, guys. It's been a struggle financially lately, but despite circumstances, I still wanted to give back to the shrimping community. I accept prayers and good Karma wishes as payment. ;-)
  7. You betcha. Shrimping is all about helping others!
  8. Hi shrimpers. Some of you may remember me, others not. When I started shrimping many years ago, people helped me out with equipment and stock. When I had a break from shrimping a couple years ago, friends helped me out when I got into it again. Now, since it looks as if I'll be gone from the hobby for quite a while- it is time for me again to give back and help others. The circle of shrimping continues. Items are listed below. Unless a price is next to the item, consider it FREE if it would be of help to you! Fair warnings: 1) NO PIC
  9. Mine don't leak, but I may have been lucky. (?)
  10. Looks like you have the rubber tube on it. You can hook it up directly to pvc or manifold depending on what you want to do.
  11. By the very nature of domestication we force an artificial emvironment on the shrimp. From there selection takes place and the ones that are best suited to the environment are encouraged to procreate.
  12. Soothing Shrimp


    May be neat to finish your line portrait by leading into your signature. ?
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