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  1. Mine don't leak, but I may have been lucky. (?)
  2. Looks like you have the rubber tube on it. You can hook it up directly to pvc or manifold depending on what you want to do.
  3. By the very nature of domestication we force an artificial emvironment on the shrimp. From there selection takes place and the ones that are best suited to the environment are encouraged to procreate.
  4. I'll be interested in your results. I've waited a very long time for one that's easy to use!
  5. If it dissolves without any heated water or CO2, I'll be thrilled!
  6. @plamski Would the blue edge on the kk make them shadows?
  7. From the album: Malawa

  8. Feeding day today, and I'm trying the new product B-Leaves by Tantora. 100% organic, which I like. Most of the ingredients are leaves- moringa leaves, papaya leaves, amaranth leaves, ivy gourd leaves, vitamins, mulberry leaves, noni leaves, ginkgo leaves, catappa leaves, guava leaves, gotu kola leaves, miracle grass, and so on. It comes in stick form. I tried feeding it to my crays, neos, Malawas, TaiTibs, TB, etc. today to see how they would react to it. It is a new food for everyone, so I figured it may be so-so until they get used to the idea. I admit, sometimes my animals j
  9. More power to you trying this. If anyone can do it, YOU can! ;-)
  10. Please do Sarah. :-) Just a note. The only shell that grows is at the lip of the opening. That part is constantly added to which is why you will see rings with differences in water params. You want to be careful with adhesives that it doesn't touch the body since the snail stretches and flexes all the way in the shell. Outside holes will never be repaired by the snail itself since it is done with. Think of a fingernail. If you have a hole in the top white part of your nail it doesn't grow over. Inside the shell is a tissue membrane which can repair the
  11. It was @Subtletanks91 I remember Miwu sold some in the marketplace at one time.
  12. Double or triple refers to how many fins are red. I'm trying to remember who used to breed these...Triton or AL10? I'll do a quick search...
  13. Beat me by a long run! LOL I've downsized to less than 30 tanks now due to moving out most of my neos!
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