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  1. Indeed! I'm in the same boat. Just bought an identical pinto package from Sbarbee and just bought a pack of extreme BB last night!
  2. Great to see them go to Bryce! Good work you have put in so far Steve! Don't think I've ever come across any Caridina sulawesi for sale in my short time in shrimp keeping. What water parameters were you keeping them in? Can you note the exact pH's where you noticed the color differences? Bred most in? (I know you already have great new homes for them, just curious) If a blue Sulawesi shrimp is what you were after, there are some that are naturally partially blue. If you wanted them more blue, you could always work on them (selective breed). I saw @
  3. Competition website: http://www.usashrimpcontest.com/ Event website: http://aquaticexperience.org/ Comeptition Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1stInternationalShrimpContestUSA/ Updated news The 1st International Shrimp Contest will take place November 4-6, 2016 as part of the Aquatic Experience-Chicago, held at The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, 1551 N Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173. The event was conceived with the idea of presenting the hobby keeping freshwater invertebrates to those interested in this sphere, an
  4. 1. ahboram 2. Dluxeshrimps 3. Qawsican 4. Slycat929 5. Ohmiko 6. Adrand 7. Sarah 8. SenorShrimpster 9. OMG Aquatics 10. Addicted2Shrimp 11. sno4wy 12. MHSY 13. Hersheyb 14. Tienhuynh 15.Big Blue Frog 16. ShrimpP
  5. I don't have any issues so far, but I always like to have meds on hand if I happen to ever need them. What are some good invert safe meds to have on hand? Whether bacterial or fungal (or viral if there is any invert ailment). I pretty much know common antiparasitic meds are salt dips, Praziquantel, Levamisol Hydrochloride (or Fenbendazole), or No-Planaria depending on the parasite. Of which I already have the first three on hand.
  6. Well for starters, the main thing is to have a large footprint, so they are able to walk about the tank without much issues of walking into each other's territory/in front of others caves.
  7. WELCOME BACK! I haven't seen any new sports really, but browsing Facebook, I did come across "Lindsey's Savage Red Neos", which are said to be a cross of Bloody Mary and RCS that are supposed to be more intense red than both separate strains and no wilds thrown. But Lindsey sold the last remaining colony (she got out of the shrimp game) on a auction on Facebook to two separate buyers. I contacted one buyer, but he hasn't got them breeding, the other hasn't replied (might have not seen my private message). They must be nice, because I think even Mayphly bidded on them, and in the en
  8. True ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus) are peaceful and don't have large claws. There are so many shrimp and prawns that get mislabeled as ghost shrimp simply because they look similar by being clear. What you have is definitely a Macrobrachium prawn, so it's not a true ghost shrimp. Most prawns are aggressive and will kill fish/shrimp like yours are doing. Definitely separate and return.
  9. You can put water in a water bottle, freeze it and just float it in the tank. Once melted, you can freeze and reuse. They aren't the most efficient in my experience though (melts felt and temps don't seem to really budge), at least not with the smaller water bottles...maybe try a 2 liter
  10. That's definitely a Macrobrachium. When the front arms/claws are longer than the rest of the legs and especially bigger claws, it's a prawn. From the looks of it, with the body striping, it looks like a Whisker "shrimp", but it's more blue body and bigger claws, it may very well be a younger prawn (still a species of Macrobrachium) that can possibly grow bigger and meaner.
  11. @Sbarbee54 has a bunch of YKK he is selling for pretty cheap. Maybe you guys can do a trade or just straight buy if you wanted (I believe I saw his line of YKK were TT x Taiwan Bee and crossed back with Taiwan Bee. Not sure of what exact Taiwan Bees were used). Just thought I'd let you know.
  12. I've had Giant Blue Wood/Vampire/Viper Shrimp, Bamboo/Singapore Flower Shrimp and Green Lace Shrimp (all larger filter feeder/fan shrimp) with Neos and Amanos, and had no issues at all. Only advice is if you are going to keep filter feeders, a area with good water flow/current for the fan shrimp to sit at filter feed will keep chances more likely that they will get enough food to eat (sponge filters/air pump driven filters aren't the best at providing a good current).
  13. Yeah I had asked Ark before and he said he was going on a trip. I've been waiting on his Cardinals for a while now too Might get some BTOE as well.
  14. @Jadenlea Nice! Are they dried or can they be fed fresh? By the way, what are the names of these plants you have? The grassy-leaved one to the left and the one to the right of the Mulberry leaf in the 2nd pic, and the plant that is directly "on" that white shrimp cave ball thing in the 2nd picture?
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