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    SHRIMP!!! Otherwise you will most likely find me playing videogames, listening to music or doing something with photography but on a more relevant note I love shrimp! They are so much fun to watch and the different colors and patterns fascinate me.

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    30G Breeder (Haven't started yet, but looking forward to getting back into the aquarium hobby and will most likely try to do a journal on it's progress. Aiming for a timelapse!)

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    12g L (Female Dumbo Betta and some RCS)
    37g cull tank (Rescaped into community tank. Bloodfin Tetras, Serpae Tetras, Albino Kribensis Pair, Green Dragon Pleco, Pepper Corydoras, some remaining BKK Mischlings and Amano Shrimp)
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  1. Yeah I got lucky. Worked for a LFS for 4 years and snagged it when we got it in. I did photography for the FB page and was paid in gum... I mean aquarium supplies. Not sure how I want to position it though.
  2. Decided to go with Brightwell Escuro-F and Escuro-M. Got a couple 23# bags online as I don't have any LFS near me that sells it. Figured it would give a good acidic PH, but not too crazy for any fish I may add. I will still need more substrate for the depth I want, but unsure if I will go for more Brightwell or section off some areas for pebbles/sand for a different look. I am also testing my luck with a couple pieces of spider wood online. Here's hoping they aren't duds.
  3. Thanks! One of the few things I kept before "quiting". Not 100% sure yet what I want to stock. My current thoughts are CRS or other relatively easier caridina shrimp and maybe some small fish. The tank will be more of a planted tank with fish and hopefully shrimp. If the shrimp breed that's awesome, but not the goal. Although with that in mind, I'm in turmoil whether I want to add a slightly larger fish like an apistogramma or ram pair because I don't want anything to bother or eat baby shrimp if they do breed. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. I'm finally getting back into aquarium keeping, woo! I got myself a 30g breeder and I'm excited to start setting it up over the next couple months. I will post as many pictures here as I can throughout the process. My ultimate goal is to get a timelapse after it's set up and planted. I also want to have shrimp in there eventually, but I'm unsure of which and what fish I may want to put in there. I'm leaning towards caridina as my current substrate of choice is the Brightwell Rio-Escuro F, but I'm not 100% tied down to it. So far all I have is the tank, a large piece of wood I've forgotte
  5. I did this for a while with a small pump and the eheim canister tube hook and it was great. The water did come in pretty quick (even from a distance) so I shoved a prefilter sponge on the end of the tube hook to slow/disperse the flow.
  6. Hey Shrimp Spot! Been a while since I've been here, but was looking to get back into aquarium keeping. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place online to buy a betta? I don't have any LFS beside Petsmart/Petco near me and I'd like a better variety of bettas to choose from. The pull is strong, but I want to dip my feet back in before I fall off the deep end.
  7. Haha. First of all I know jack about the dips hehhe. I know a few but can't remember what each one is for. I'll ask a buddy of mine and report back. One thing I've read that has been a big help is this. www.reefedition.com/291/ Not all of that will pertain to you since you want a frag setup, but it is a great read on the set up of a new sw tank. -Duffy
  8. I agree what Rodan said about acclimation. Temp then drip is probably best. The dips are up to you. Depends mostly on your supplier and your trust with them honestly. There are also several kinds of dips for different things. -Duffy
  9. Also, if you want more eye candy AquaSD has some great coral in their sales. Not much to look at on their site, but go to Reef2Reef and check them out in the sponsors section. They have a weekly frag/colony sale that has different coral every week. They usually have 500+ every sale so it's great for pictures/gawking haha. Not quite sure about their coral naming but the owner Will is a nice guy I'd link the page but I hate doing it on mobile. -Duffy
  10. Yeah the star was for food. It's actually gone now. I went about it wrong and my tank hasn't fully recovered from it. They rot fast. Cool star though haha. I have been using chocolate chip starfish for the harlequin lately -Duffy
  11. Fast is relative in saltwater haha. I would say Zoas/palys probably grow the fastest (I'm still a notice tho so anyone can chime in if I'm wrong). Besides maybe SPS like acroporas. They need high light and lots of water movement and pristine water though -Duffy
  12. I have a saltwater tank at the moment. Sadly I will probably e tearing it down by the end of the month. Will be moving a few cities away middle of this year and I figure it's better to do it now so I can save for the move haha. To be honest I feel like "hardcore" shrimping is like the precursor to saltwater. It wasn't that difficult for me besides all the cool stuff I want haha. You definitely need to keep in mind more things but as long as you keep up on dosing or week/biweekly water changes it isn't too difficult. Then you stupidly accept a donation fish that gives gives ich to the rest of
  13. Thanks for the info! Sigh postal services sometimes... Poor harlequins -Duffy
  14. Don't forget! Poisonous Anemones only eat Harlequin Shrimp too!
  15. Can't wait to get a pair of Harlequins!!! The place I will get them from is out and it's killing me haha. What is your regiment for feeding them? I know they only eat starfish, but still contemplating how I will go about it.
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