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  1. Controsoil is available on their own website: http://www.controsoil.com/products.html
  2. Bee shrimp won't breed in the water with pH above 7. Your best bet is Tiger with Neos.
  3. Mine is pretty simple and easy. 1. Pre-seed 4.25" cube sponge filter (from Angelfish plus) in existing healthy tank a month ahead. If you have HOB or canister filter, do the same. 2. Add 5 lbs of Controsoil for 20L, 2.5lbs Controsoil for 10G, thin substrate works better 3. Add RO water 4. 4 days later, do 100% water change. adjust GH to 3. I use SS GH+ 5. Add pre-seeded sponge filter and HOB/Canister 6. Add plants, add light (20W LED for 20L, 10W LED for 10G). 7. Wait 3 more days then add shrimp 8. Done Done cycling a new tank in 7 days (on the safe side, it can be done in one day) I succes
  4. Bought couple 20"x30" foam boards from Dollar Tree. 1/8" thick. Works great.
  5. What's the breed shell shape you're talking about?
  6. Extreme close-up New born Bloody Mary Shrimplet
  7. But my understanding of that statement, you don't need treat the water at all.
  8. I read this from Marbled Crayfish site: Just wonder if that's true or not.
  9. I was asking if I can do water change with untreated tap water?
  10. Can you use tap water directly to do water change?
  11. Multiple Tank Syndrome I have it too, I have around 20 tanks, keep increasing.
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