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  1. They are completely fine with low ph, don't worry about it. Adding anything will cause fluctuations which is much more dangerous
  2. What i always tell people: Shrimp are at the bottom of the food chain, they are not THAT fragile... I've shipped around 150 boxes of shrimp and had 3 with a popped bag (The long life breather bags), and as soon as I switched to double bagged, 2ml bags have had no problems with them popping. Had one that was left in the snow and shrimp froze, and one that was cooked. Along with those, I've had 2 that disappeared (customer got only the top of the box!). But otherwise all good! Have had 5-6 boxes that took 5-7 days instead of 2/3 days, but those all arrived alive.
  3. Hi I have a few SS moss pads of Cameroon Moss (Plagiochilaceae sp. Cameroon Moss) remaining, this is a rare and unique moss with very different design. These make a cool addition to any shrimp tank, and are easy to grow, low light/low tech. They are $12 each and shipping is $4, live arrival guaranteed. Thanks for looking!
  4. I think you may have better luck getting BKK or shadow pandas which are really close to the ones in the pictures... never heard of those before!
  5. Great to hear from you, sounds like you've been busy! Miss your videos!
  6. I have yellow neon, I think the difference is that they are higher grade than yellow sakura? They look like this: If you are interested send me a message!
  7. They're all endlers, just different patterns. N class means pure endlers genes, no guppy mixes. Most varieties of endlers will produce a small fraction of black bar endlers IME
  8. I completely agree, there are so many different foods on the market! I think it's best to get a sampler pack and then see what your shrimp like!
  9. Thanks everyone for submitting!! Here are the results: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Atw3Vb0yI9JtuWpc0J1wYkj97vXy
  10. Hey ShrimpSpot, I made a short survey based on a recent discussion, and would appreciate everyone's input! The more the better! Very short and basic questions, won't take long!*****Survey Closed now***** Results: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Atw3Vb0yI9JtuWpc0J1wYkj97vXy
  11. While i also agree homebred shrimp from any of the members here is a much better idea, the LFS is doing something right: The "dead moss" is peat moss which discolors the water (tannins), and lowers the ph. So they are trying to do something correct.... $7.99 is expensive though!
  12. LOL, I am too fast! I see the sponges now! Looks nice and gross, shrimp will love all that gunk! Speaking of which, what type of shrimp are we planning to stock?
  13. Nice! Will be following along! No sponges on the filters?
  14. Like I told Aaron, it breaks my heart to see all of them arrive DOA after months of breeding them and growing them out, but like @TheGlassBox said once we hand it off to USPS, nothing we can do. I stand by my Live Arrival Guarantee, no matter WHAT happens, and I will do everything so my customers receive live and healthy shrimp, so I will be re-shipping as soon as I get my cold packs! Sam -Katz Aquatics-
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