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  1. Miss you, Soothing. The forum just isn't the same.
  2. Hi Shrimple, he had no idea til he grabbed the filter and got zapped. The fish seemed a bit out of it, but all survived. He says they don't seem as friendly anymore.
  3. Recently had one shocking an entire 75 gal tank. Gill got zapped pretty good when he investigated.
  4. Wygglz


    Ok, so to throw my own in there for others who might be interested, I grow zucchini and shred it when I pick it, then freeze it. I use it all year and add it to everything. Mac and cheeze with spirally pasta hides zucchini beautifully. Waffle batter? You never even taste it. Carrot cake, sloppy joes, anything I can throw it in I will just to add veggies.
  5. Wygglz


    I like the parm idea.
  6. Wygglz


    Gill doesn't like cauliflower so I'll try this one on him and let you know
  7. Wygglz


    Thank you, Sarah! That looks good. I may put that on the list to try this weekend.
  8. Wygglz


    Okay guys and gals. A bit of background. For those of you who don't know, I'm a psychotherapist who is currently studying Functional Medicine to work on the chemical/physical side of psychological and emotional issues. I am also a veggie hater. However, veggies are good for us. I spent time eating food cooked by SriLankan cooks and loved the veggies they made though, so perhaps it is preparation. So I'm looking for good veggie recipies that don't taste like veggies. They don't need to be vegetarian, just a way for people like me to get more veggies. Please of course don't post ones that can't
  9. I think it would have to get used to both the weight and the balance. It will be fascinating to see how your inovation works out. Thanks for posting this.
  10. Hey all, I've been gone for a bit, but had to jump on and see what's been going on. I see Dazalea has her leaves for sale again. I bought from her last year and she does a great job. My shrimp loved them. I completely recommend these.
  11. If it wasn't Mayphly I'd think photoshop. Just stunning!
  12. Don't want to bad mouth anyone, but I had a bad experience with them. Because it entailed shipping, amazon wouldn't allow me to post it.
  13. I'm not certain but I believe MT is having it too. But I think we confirmed that they seem to have them at different times in different locals
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