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  1. Miss you, Soothing. The forum just isn't the same.
  2. ● Item: Sunset Tigers! This is the very first offering ever from this colony. These were Tangerine Tigers with a Red Stripe mutation that is true breeding. Please note, color increases with age. I chose to offer them first to this group as this group is the reason I have them. Pricing is for five (5) with the option of another 5 at the same price ( quantities limited). ● Closing Date/Time: Sunday, January 28, at 2pm EST, 1pm CST, noon MST, and 11am PST ● Gender: Mixed ● Size: Juvenile ● Parameters: TDS 185 - Ph 7.1 – temp – 70 – kept in RO water with Salty Shrimp GH/KH
  3. So pretty! Having a tank at work makes my day.
  4. I had an experiment tank (6 gal) that had neo culls and a betta. Young bettas seem to eat their buddies but once they mature, about a year or so later, I've actually ended up with a breeding colony (oops) that got dense enough to be giving away shrimp. I do have Christmas moss in the tank, but a lazy batta is the easiest companion.
  5. Welcome to the group. Water parameters can be challenging but we did the same as you and put in ro. That made things easier.
  6. Welcome John! The group seems a bit quiet compared to other times in the past, but if anyone can help your success rate, it is these folks. You found a super group of people with expert experience and great helpful attitudes. Good luck to you.
  7. I'm going to add in here to not give up if your tank doesn't succeed on the first try. Losses can be heartbreaking and discouraging. We lost entire colonies. Now our tanks can be relatively neglected but our colonies continue. We have neos and tigers which are relatively easy but there is still a learning curve. Just keep with it and you'll get it.
  8. Hi Shrimple, he had no idea til he grabbed the filter and got zapped. The fish seemed a bit out of it, but all survived. He says they don't seem as friendly anymore.
  9. Very col. I had a betta tank that also housed a batch of various culls. Now I get blacks, blues, and reds as well as variants.
  10. Recently had one shocking an entire 75 gal tank. Gill got zapped pretty good when he investigated.
  11. So cool! Looking forward to following your progress.
  12. I kept them with shrimp in display tanks with no shrimp/cray issues.
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