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  1. That's the one I use, its always dead on when I test it against the calibration solution. The customer service from them is excellent as well.
  2. Don't use anything but magic powder
  3. Thanks, also had a nice looking pinto mischling survive the transition
  4. The parents of that blue bolt are from flip aquatics. I wouldn't recommend trying to keep them in tiger params, I think I just got lucky with that. The thing with keeping shrimp in drastically different params is that you don't see any breeding. That's why I switched the tigers from acidic conditions back to their normal slightly basic harder water. I didn't see a single baby in the first setup.
  5. I've had them in the new parameters for a couple of months now. Haven't lost any but it did take them awhile to start breeding. I'm just now seeing a few babies pop up. I even acclimated a few baby cards with them from when it had active substrate and they are growing and thriving too. Here's one of my hard water blue bolts
  6. I moved a colony of royal blues from card to neo params several months back. They went from a ph of 6.5 and tds of 140 to a ph of 7.6 and a tds of 200. I just did a slow drip acclimation, about 1 drop a sec for 6 hrs. Only ended up losing one shrimp and it was the oldest female. Just do it very slowly and you should be fine.
  7. If no one replies here, theshrimptank.com and tannin aquatics both carry them.
  8. Found an insert that bulk reef supply makes for em, so I think that's what I'll do. Appreciate the input
  9. I'm thinking of using a pentek water filter housing as a prefilter to my canister and was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for which micron cartridge I should use. I'm leaning toward the 100 but don't know if it will restrict flow too much. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Your kh is getting pretty high for crs. It's usually advised to keep them in a kh of 0-1. With your soil being that old it might be exhausted. I'm not sure as to the plants though, I keep my tank very sparsely planted.
  11. Orange eye BKKs have been established overseas, you can order them from jtibee.com, who is an importer. Don't know if anyone is breeding them here though. Either way, congratulations on the nice looking shrimp
  12. I'm looking for a couple small Orange rabbit snails. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Just thought I'd say that my tigers go nuts over this food and the seller is very professional to deal with. Will be a future customer for sure
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