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  1. Just bumping the thread to say I'm really happy with these shrimp! My order arrived yesterday. They're approximately the color of blueberries: very dark but vivid. Really amazing pigment coverage, too. They seem to be shrimping along happily now that they're settled. This is my first foray back into fancier shrimp since the mysterious chocolate colony wipe that happened over the winter. Still sticking to remineralized RO and keeping my fingers crossed! :3
  2. Ahahahaha. Then my substrate is probably like 50% worms at this point, but at least my plants and shrimps are happy. :3
  3. Just adding my two cents: It's definitely rhabdocoela, which are harmless. In my experience, they also don't reproduce nearly as rapidly as detritus worms. I have them in most of my tanks, but I've never seen more than one at a time.
  4. Looks like a virgin nerite. Not the same species as the ones we usually see. No idea if the pattern/color morph has a name, though. Very pretty! :3
  5. 1. Deluxe shrimps (awesome Roak!!! Thank you) 2.fishprinceofca 3. 240ric 4 avonsurfernc 5. shrimpaholich 6. Mr. F 7. Sarah 8. Eloodaku 9. Serenityfate 10. Tyler44 11. NeMox69x 12. corbie Thanks for this! I'm setting up a new nano that manzanita would be perfect for. :3
  6. It can apparently grow on freshwater shrimp, but is non-pathogenic/won't hurt them like it does frogs: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10393-005-0005-5 Edit: For people who can't get behind the paywall, the specific shrimp they tested were Caridina zebra and some Machrobrachium species. RCS are probably fine. Double edit for a disclaimer: I am neither a mycologist nor a shrimp doctor.
  7. That's a great resource, but nothing even close.
  8. Hey shrimpers! I'm trying to figure out what these worms(?) that just popped up in one of my neo tanks overnight could be. I wish I could post a picture but these are SMALL, and I have trouble even getting clear shots of adult shrimp. Anyway, they are thin, white, threadlike worms only about three millimeters in length. Most of them are grouped into little tufts with one end attached to either leaf litter or patches of suesswassertang. From these tufts, I would have assumed they were some type of mold, but I do see some individual worms moving on the glass or swimming just above the substrate. No recent shrimp deaths or signs of disease. Both adults and shrimplets are able to graze near these worm colonies without seeming to be bothered. I don't mind how they look and prefer the natural planted tank aesthetic, so if they're not harmful I don't plan on getting rid of them. I'm guessing I missed some piece of food and need to be more diligent about cleaning up leftovers. Double-checked ammonia and nitrites and they're luckily both at 0. The last addition to the tank were half a dozen high grade sakuras from a LFS that I had kept in quarantine for a week before that. Known critters already in the tank: Detritus worms, ostracods, copepods, white rhabdocoela (I see one of these once in a blue moon). Other critters they're definitely not: Planaria, vorticella, hydra. Thanks!
  9. It actually is a type of slime mold! I didn't realize there were fully aquatic species. Does it move like one? I've always wanted to participate in a slime mold race. They're really neat. :3
  10. Good luck to both of you! Those reds look amazing. Reminds me of aka bekko koi (the kanoko shrimp even more so). :3
  11. I've never tried this product or had this issue, but it looks like this would be a good thing to dose with after using antimicrobials. If it has the live strains that it claims, it would build your tank's biofilm back up quickly after it's been nuked.
  12. My bad! I didn't realize alkalinity was another word for carbonate hardness. :V
  13. From what I've heard, neos are fine with a high pH as long as they're properly acclimated. Shrimp raised in a particular pH will also do better than if you introduced it to them as adults, so you may have some lag time. I'm actually in the middle of scrubbing some holey rock/honeycomb limestone now to set up a Sulawesi tank. I may experiment by throwing in a few neo culls once it's cycled. :3
  14. Yeah, it looks similar to the honeycomb limestone we have around here.
  15. I meant that establishing "my own" red rili line would be a neat project. Not that they'd be special or anything. But if it's common for neos to randomly throw rilis, then it's a lot less exciting, you know?
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