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  1. I sold all 4 packages that I had available. Because I am moving I cannot continue this line. I hope that the four people who have the shrimps now will have great results and make them available for the community in a little while. Sorry to all others who expressed interest. I am sorry that I could not reply to all your PMs because of my upcoming move of my laboratory and household.
  2. I have a package ready to ship to him but just realized that the paypal information did not contain his address? Pleae pm me ASAP. Thanks
  3. Bryce is getting them. He ordered shrimps for shipping next week anyway. I am glad that they will have a great home. Thanks to the others who expressed interested. I am sure that Bryce will make them available, if he is successful. No pressure!
  4. Because my upcoming move to California, and the reduction of my tank number to two (at least for the first year), I have to abandon a breeding project that I started two years ago. My goal was to establish a blue Caridina sulawesi line, which I tentatively called Blue Crown Shrimp. In my original tank, there was good progress. But the line so far is not very stable. When I moved the bluest shrimp to a new tank (see the two pictures), they lost most of their color within a few days. It seems that the blue color is more intense with slightly acidic pH. Please pm me if you are intereste
  5. Maybe. I don't know yet how much space I will have for breeding shrimp in my new home. They do well in community tanks, by the way. If neos breed in the water, they will also breed. For best coloration, I just recommend a slightly acidic pH. But hopefully some other people will breed them, establish new lines and make them available to the community. Soothing is getting a package, and I am sure he will be successful and keep us updated.
  6. Because of my upcoming move and downsizing, I would only trade for Sulawesi lake shrimps, which I could keep in my Cardinal tank. Otherwise, I would have been happy to trade for some of your beautiful shrimps.
  7. Last possible date of shipment would be September 19., or 20., 2016. I am moving at the end of September to Davis, California and have to seriously downsize tank number and projects (Sigh).
  8. I discovered this baby lizard caught in a cobweb in the front of our house. After I took the video, I removed the maple seed capsule. And the lizard seemed relieved and went hiding.
  9. I have a couple of Caridina sulawesi var. bandit (Sulawesi crown shrimp “Bandit”) packages for sale (exclusively for Shrimp Spot members). The offer is for 15 unsexed subadults or adults + a few shrimplets (as bonus) from my main breeding colony (no culls) as seen in the pictures and youtube video below for US$160, including USPS Priority Shipping, in the continental USA. I have been selectively breeding this line for about four years and offer it for the first time for sale. My goals were to increase the black and white coverage and I also selected for the banded (bandit)
  10. 1.) DarkSeas 2.) Jynn 3.) jem_xxiii 4.) Sarah 5.) Soothing Shrimp 6.) BadAlgae 7.) Vpier 8.) Ninjapete42 9.) fishface 10.) Greenteam 11.) Pescador 12.) svetilda 13.) Mr. F 14.) TechSmith 15.) Big Blue Frog 16.) DETAquarium 17.) mayphly 18.) ShrimpP 19.) Dluxeshrimps 20.) Wet Green Thumb 21.) ibebian 22.) Shrimple Minded 23.) Steve R.
  11. Funny. I agree. looks like a fish. Although the tail is too small. Our minds evolved to see patterns in random objects, sometimes they are real patterns.
  12. Great feature. I hope many people will use it.
  13. Great. Also great that new content shows up now. I am happy with the new look now.
  14. The changes look pretty bad to me. Why change something that works great? I don't get it. No offense to the guys running this forum. You are doing a great job. The round avatars are terrible.
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