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  1. There is a way to file for an exemption from the inspection point of this process so that you can have them shipped directly to you. I know nothing about it, except that qualifying has to do with making a case that shows the delay would cause hardship for the animal being imported. I think if it applied to any animal, it would apply to shrimp.
  2. Why are you ignoring me?  I paid you 200 bucks for sick shrimp and you don't even want to acknowledge my existence any more? I just want to figure out why, when I ordered from 3 different people, Yours are the only ones that had mass deaths (or any for that matter, I haven't lost a single shrimp from the other two sellers.) The fact that you have ignored my repeated and polite requests for help indicates that you know there is a problem with those shrimp and don't want to deal with it. At any rate, it sucks to be treated this way.  I'm a good customer and don't deserve this treatment.

    1. TomCruise


      No longer ignoring me.  Are working together to work this out.  Sounds like they are going to treat me right and are making lots of positive changes.  Currently trying to figure out hoe to remove this post and negative feedback.

  3. Are your PRL still for sale?

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