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  1. Feeding time (AB's and my own rillis)
  2. Hi there! Do you still have the leaves? If yes, I'll buy 100. Thank you!
  3. Thank you, Grant! So, the idea is treat them as mischlings: female mischlings and male TB's. It makes sense.
  4. You have beautiful shrimp and great racks! May I ask you a question about taitibees? I think I saw a picture of yours somewhere in the thread that shows tibees with Taiwan Bees in same tank. If I'm correct can you tell me, please, how do you know if a baby shrimp is a taitibee or a tibee? I've got a ton of babies and I have no idea what they are. In my tank I have (TTxCRS) and TB's. Thank you!
  5. One of my BB's (bought from plamski)
  6. Beautiful plants sent in amazing packaging. Wonderful person to work with. ,,,,Mike

  7. I know they're not special but they all (except 5 pseudo tibees I got from mayphly) were born in my tank. So I'm very happy and love them all!
  8. I love your snails! Thank you for full explanation and answers! I love mystery snails! I have one big boy (I know it's a boy!) that I bought almost a year ago (in the end of March it'll be 1 year as we bought him at Walmart). Originally we bought 2 and both of them were boys. They lived together without any problem. Then I bought a blue snail... she was a girl... Since then they started mating almost nonstop. The boys didn't let the girl even eat... She died I belive from starving (but it was summer, maybe too hot?). She never put any eggs. Soon after her one of the boys died too... anothe
  9. I think yes. I recentely lost a beautiful red cherry due to age. I bought her last May and she was an adult. Since then she got berried twice and that's it. So, about 3-4 last months of her life she didn't get berried.
  10. Some of my shrimp: berried BB berried RKK mischling red mama and her babies (almost adults now) berried TT
  11. It's what I do too. I know that my Petsmart receive shipments on Fridays. So, if I want to buy some I go to the store before they drop the snails in their water. That advise was given to me by a manager of the fish department.
  12. Petsmart is running the sale right now for 10, 20 and 40g.
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