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  1. Today this piece of my mini riccia came from its 2" Han's moss ledge. It's a good size and bigger because the edges grew under the ledge. About 1" thick. $20 shipped. The ledge is for scale only, not for sale.
  2. It's what I thought too because they are yellow. Of course I don't have them and am not going too for a very long time because they are so expensive. But I have some babies right now from Mayphly's TTxCRS and mine I have no idea who. They look so red and yellow, they are just bring me happiness when I look at them.
  3. I feed all my fish and shrimp Nori but fish food (not for people). All of them love it.
  4. My AB's came from him also!
  5. I think this female is a mama to the yellow baby shrimp. Here on the picture you can see (hopefully) how yellow she is compared to a male.
  6. I feel so bad for you guys! I hope it will not be that strong as it seems to be.
  7. Thank you, Vpier! (That shrimp in the picture is an adult.) Just wanted to update. The very next day I didn't find the shrimp (or it looked normal and I didn't recognazed it). But that day there was a molted female that had a little bit of red in her guts. At least I don't see anything alarming in the tank...
  8. Feeding time (AB's and my own rillis)
  9. Here are a couple more pictures of the yellow baby. Now I think it's yellow AB. I think you can see his marks... and it's still yellow...
  10. Grate RAOKs!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!
  11. Thank you, everyone! Interesting... Soothing, you are right: lots of opinions! I transfered mine when they were about 3 weeks berried. I acclimated them even though now I have pretty much same conditions in almost every shrimp tank. They're doing fine and about week later released the babies. Now I'm waiting for the females start breeding again...
  12. Hi there! Do you still have the leaves? If yes, I'll buy 100. Thank you!
  13. Because my first ever tigers died one by one (TT - I have no idea why they died) I was nervous to get AB's. The original ones I got were mostly grey with one more yellow-ish and a couple of more blue-ish. So far I don't have any problems with them. I did gave them their own tank (now they share it with rillis) with Brightwell substrate. My TT lived in an inert substrate with cherries. My AB's breed almost like neo's. From 12 original only 2 or 3 were females. Now I have 2-3 berried almost at any time. I don't remember when I bought them (need to check it) but it was March or April. I'll start
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