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  1. I believe you have a typo 9g ss/40L water=9dgH. 3g ss/40L=3dgH
  2. Second for limpet. They are harmless. You can squish them and they become shrimp food
  3. Never had scuds but as I understand you have to remove all you shrimp and snails from a tank before treatment. Could you remove scuds manually?
  4. Omega One veggie round and freshwater flakes have necessary ingredients and no copper.
  5. Any chance he also feed shrimp? Very logical thing to do since you was not at home and they must be hungry. Sorry that this happened and good luck with rebuild.
  6. Nice shrimp. Looks like you expending your collection.
  7. Looks great! Good you found solution and thanks for sharing it!
  8. From garden greens my shrimp get spinach, kale, amaranth sometimes mint and lemon balm. From garden weeds- dandelion, broadleaf plantain, stinging nettle. Will try bean leaves, thanks for the idea
  9. Hydra does not have eyes or color preferences. Slim chance that RKK had hypersensitive to Hydra sting but more likely you are right about old age
  10. Have crs for about two years and never got cbs. I read somewhere that black is dominant in crystals.
  11. @CindiL the combination of reds and yellows looks stunning. Watch endlers- they love shrimp for dinner. Mine reduced colony of cherries to 5 shrimp in densely planted tank.
  12. @Jadenlea- if you pinch the top in should grow more side branches
  13. Are broad leaf plantain safe for shrimp? Did anybody tried it?
  14. Your friend's jungle tank design is just outstanding.
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