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  1. would like to see a close up
  2. That is mini and I keep it off the bottom. Raised a little with good circulation it grows like that.
  3. Had a wonderful time and so happy to meet everyone there.
  4. nice shrimp Plamski
  5. Have lots of BBs over the last 2 years and have never seen anything like that on mine.
  6. Just curious to see what others results were when using SL. I am remineralizing to a TDS of 130 and having great results in my BB tanks but not so much with my PRL and I cant seem to find the answer. Just poking around for info.
  7. so assume you are using RO/DI and remineralizing with SL and all values are 0 to start. What TDS??
  8. I know this is old but what TDS are you aiming for to get proper GH Eric?
  9. decent shots of some of the blues with Iphone.
  10. Need to tear tank down and reset.Have 7 maybe 8 sub adult -adult super snow whites. At least 1 female. These are US bred, from Marcus Hafermann snow white line. $100 shipped
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