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  1. Great prices! What's the difference between the tiger x King Kong hybrids and the fancy tigers? And I definitely need to get some wind reds at $13 each if that's not a typo.
  2. You won't be able to tell if it's a jelly or not just yet. Pandas are born like this and their darker parts deepens becoming black while jellies remain blue/green.
  3. Am I looking at the right thing? The stripe looks like poop? O_o
  4. Yup, they are great for someone who has no clue about cameras like me. You just need to have a lot of patience. It saves a lot of money but I'm still thinking about upgrading to a real macro setup. By the way, pintos are supposed to be Taiwan bees too, aren't they? It's just that they have patterns introduced by tiger shrimp genes.
  5. Another berried mischling, her eggs, and newborn TB.
  6. If you want neos, look for Soothing Shrimp.
  7. That's great to hear. I'm forced to take their eggs out over here too. They aren't that good at protecting the eggs and their fry are very fragile. They absolutely love bbs. I was surprised when I learned that even the adults take live bbs. Mine get live bbs twice a day and they love it!
  8. I've gotten back to Archie on PM already. Thanks guys! Jay, how are your fish doing? Are you able to get them to raise their fry?
  9. Pretty sure not in Asia. What are the European names for these?
  10. Young/small female misching berried for the first time. Any day now!
  11. Those are some nice dark culls! Thought the orange neos were the culls for a second lol.
  12. Yup, still have a few juvies. PM me if you're looking for some.
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