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  1. Most likely it is something from the walnut leaf since your sakura shrimps got affected first. The other shrimps got affected later because of lower toxin concentration or contamination at a later time. My guess: 1. This toxic substance only affects neocaridinas. It may have gotten into every tank if you used a pipette to feed the liquid food mix and dipped the pipette into each tank. The "tank water" you used to create the mix can also be the culprit. 2. The toxin was somehow only spread to other neocaridina tanks. For example, you may have two nets, one for caridinas an
  2. I keep my tanks at steady temperature throughout the year, and I am still experiencing this. One guess is the ability to sense atmospheric pressure but obviously that is very difficult for a hobbyist to confirm. There are other things like magnetic field, radiation, etc. that animals can sense.
  3. Do you mean got mischlings from TB x TB, Blue Steel x TB, and Pinto x TB crosses?
  4. For sale Mischlings - Sold Shipping and Guarantee:For most orders, shipping will be $15.00 for USPS Priority shipping or $40.00 for USPS Priority Express shipping. Live arrival guarantee is only valid if your package arrives within two days, regardless of the shipping method that you choose. If anything arrives dead, please provide clear photos of the dead animals or plants in their original, unopened packaging within two hours of delivery time (indicated by USPS tracking service). Once DOA and abidance of the policies are confirmed and verified, I will send the order o
  5. 1. Fishprinceofca 2. Felenah - Dawn Dawson 3. Amyers22 -Amanda Panda 4. ahboram - Abe Cho 5. wet green thumb - Chris Straub 6. 240ric - Ric Marquez 7. Dluxeshrimps - Rolando Lopez 8. Big Blue Frog 9. Dazalea 10. ibebian 11. jem_xxiii 12.Rockadoodle 13. Vpier 14. ShrimpP 15. Eloodaku 16. Castronaut8 17. SeñorShrimpster 18. DETAquarium 19. Pandaboy093 20. Pescador 21. Shrimple minded 22. Hersheyb 23. DiamondShrimp 24. ManedWolf 25. Adrand 26. Aennnedry 27. Miwu
  6. http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Aqua-Personal-Bookshelf-Aquarium/dp/B00D0S3TJI
  7. If this is just for profit, my vote would be for CRS. As you mentioned, some shrimps are priced higher per shrimp but are more difficult to sell and breed, etc. CRS is easy to breed and almost guarantees a profit. Others may have you end up spending more than you make. But honestly, given that you already know this is not going to make a lot of money, if any, why not choose a type that you'd really enjoy?
  8. Why does agitation cause CO2 to be released from the water to the atmosphere and not from the atmosphere to the water? I guess it depends on how much carbon dioxide concentration in the water you started with, but there's no reason this level is higher than equilibrium value unless someone purposefully injected CO2?
  9. Just curious why oxygen causes high pH? Also, since there's more carbon dioxide in air, wouldn't aeration cause more carbon dioxide to dissolve in water? I'm sure some chemist can explain this. I'm just confused.
  10. It really sounds like the only problem is the remineralizer. Which are you using? Some are supposed to buffer at a higher pH, or you might have received a bad batch of remineralizer.
  11. I'm a little confused. Right now, you are using Controsoil + Shrimp Daddy Vita + Sinewy cereal + MK Blue Diamond + RO. The pH is 7.2. Early, you were using Controsoil + Shrimp Daddy Vita (?) + Sinewy cereal (?) + "a remineralizer" + RO + wood + plants. The pH was 7.0. After oxygenation overnight, pH was 6.9, KH 0, and GH 5. During your tests: RO --> pH 5.8, TDS 1. RO + wood + plants --> pH 7.0. Controsoil + RO --> pH 7.0. "a remineralizer" + RO --> pH 8.0. Does everything look right? I wasn't sure what you meant when you said "the same pH."
  12. Ah yes, I meant with Caridinas. But even then, we're not having success predicting phenotypic ratios, which really doesn't make sense.
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