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  1. Connect all the filters to that tank or you can start a new tank and cycle all the filters at the same time in there.
  2. Shrimp will be snacks for bettas, you would need something like Amanos but they would still probably be getting constantly harassed.
  3. Do you have a lot of algae on the glass where you are trying to stick the suction cup onto?
  4. Holy Moss Balls! You have an impressive collection. Thank you for the work you have put into these to hopefully bring some new mosses into the hobby soon.
  5. jem_xxiii


    Welcome to TSS!
  6. Not too sure what the GlasGarten situation is currently, but as for other foods I have been a big fan of CSF. I was introduced to CSF here on TSS and my shrimp have really enjoyed it. Now, I do not have any expensive shrimps, but my shrimps instantly attack all CSF food that I put in the tank as opposed to how they react to other foods from other companies.
  7. Usually the eggs tend to be yellow, but I have heard of people who have reported those other colors as well. No clue why that happens, but I am sure that some of the shrimp experts will chime in. So what kind of shrimp did you get?
  8. Happy Belated Bday and congrats on the new tanks and babies!
  9. Welcome to TSS! Snowballs have always been some of my favorite shrimps to keep.
  10. man those are like orange soda orange! very nice!!
  11. I have malawas. I got mine from Soothing a while back, I dont know if he still has some.
  12. Malawas! Only kidding, Sulawesi shrimps are pretty neat. Good luck on this new project.
  13. I am on the CSF boat as well. My shrimps really enjoy it more than other foods, but in the end they will eat whatever is placed in front of them.
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