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  1. Very cool wood! I've always wanted to use a gnarly piece like that but could never find them for a decent price. Maybe one day once I convince the wife to let me setup a large tank in the house I'll be able to go all out on a nice planted show tank.
  2. Time flies! I moved last summer and haven't had a proper shrimp tank in years. Finally had time to set up some tanks at the new house but I'm on a super thin budget and reusing alot of stuff I've been collecting over the years. The tanks are a hot mess mostly because they were quickly moved from a 40b into two 10g and then quickly neglected while i was busy with other things. The shrimp are descendants of the same colony I started with 5 years ago. I brought to them with me when I moved from NM to CA. The plan is to get some plants and clean it up, while still keeping it a basic low tech. The third tank is gonna be filled with blue dreams a friend is sending over a d the substrate is just washed rocks from my backyard.
  3. Starting up some low light tanks. Looking for frogbit, or any other large floater that can out compete duckweed, crypts, buces, and anything else that will do well in low light and neglect.
  4. The tank survived through the California summer. The tank got as high as 84 degrees some days and the shrimp didn't seem to mind. Winters in the central valley are supposed to be fairly cold but if they were able to survive Winters in Albuquerque they should be fine here.
  5. We just finally got the keys to our new house. And I'm looking to get back into shrimp keeping. Anyone live near Chowchilla with a decent stock? I was able to convince the wife on one large tank vs the 5 smaller 20-10 gallons we had before. Anyone know of a good place to get a large tank?
  6. Anyone keep an outside shrimp tank? I'll be moving to Central California soon and will be temporarily living at my in laws so I don't want to set up anything too permanent just a basic 40b with just a sponge filter. I plan to keep then in the corner of the porch away from sun and put a top to keep out any critters. I'll probably drop frozen water bottles if the temp starts to get higher than 80f. The tank will be housing some basic red cherries. Nothing fancy just a colony from the first shrimp I got 4 years ago.
  7. Looks great! I'm planning something similar when I restart shrimping again. But if prices of buce is what I remember, filling up a 40 gallon is gonna empty my wallet lol.
  8. A month isn't that much time for the shrinps to get settled. As long as they aren't dying off you shouldn't be worried, they'll probably start getting busy around summer time. As for the berried shrimp you bought dropping her eggs, the stress of being shipped can cause that to happen. Just give the tank some time to nature and your shrimp will start breeding.
  9. I have a 40 gallon with a thriving shrimp colony. It has BN plecos (which are breeding as well), harlaquin rasboras, Cory cat fish (also breeding), and neon tetras. If the tank is planted well enough and the fish are feed daily you should be ok. I would expect to possibly lose some shrimplets but not enough to stop your colony from growing.
  10. For those doing diy corner hmf what size thickness and length did you use for the braces? I was planning on using two acrylic braces on each side so the foam stays in place. 1/8 thickness 1" length fine? I have a hmf on a 10 and its just placed in there hasn't shifted much. But this is going to be in a 40 so I'm not sure how difference its going to make. I plan on using swiss tropical foam, thinking about the 30ppi waffle cut. Sent from my LG-K540 using Tapatalk
  11. If I just cut square pieces of foam and put it in the tank will it provide just as much grazing spots as a peice of cholla wood?
  12. Always wanted to do something like this as well. Looks amazing so far! What are you planning to stock it with?
  13. Wow very cool! I wonder how hard it would be to isolate and breed a new color/pattern. Everyone is working on card mixes but no one seems to be working on neos besides just breeding for color.
  14. Dosed the recommend dosage for hydra and it took about half the day but i don't see them anymore. Looks like fish bendazole works for treating a tank for scutariella.
  15. Long time no see fellow shrimpers! Just recently picked up some blue dreams and noticed one or two have scutariella. I don't have any aquarium salt on hand but i do have fish bendazole for treating hydra. Should i dose the bendazole just like if i was treating for hydra?
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