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  1. I don't spend too much time on Shrimp Spot anymore but I just wanted to share an update on my Sulawesi tank. Since I will be doing a little bit of travelling with my new job, I decided to reduce my shrimp tanks to only one. I find that I spend most of my time in front of the Sulawesi tank watching the little guys compared to my other shrimp tanks. It was a no brainer that this is the species to keep. I moved them all to a 20G long tank to give them more room to roam. What a pain to catch all these guys, and I might have missed a few babies. 8E5A186D-1475-
  2. You need to remineralize your RO water with products like Salty Shrimp GH+ or SL Aqua Blue Wizard.
  3. I see you are using just Gh+ remineraIizer. I maybe wrong since I haven't dealt with neos in a while, but don't you need some sort of kH to help stabilize Ph? Otherwise, with a kH of zero, you will be constantly battling with Ph swings.
  4. Glad you will be separating your neos when your other tanks are up and running. When I first started out with shrimp, I had pretty much the same mix of neos in a 10 gallon. I didn't know any better and ended up with a tank full of wild brown looking shrimp after six months. I found this site and got educated. I still have a mix tank but they are filled with caridina species.
  5. Are you using an active substrate or just peat to control the Ph?
  6. Are these juvies or adults?
  7. I normally do not buy shrimp at my LFS due to the high price, but the thick bright red stripes made them a must have
  8. A couple more pics of the other two "Red Tigers" that I bought. The more I look at pics on the internet, it looks like these are lower grade CRS, not Red Tigers. Thick red stripes... Berried mama...
  9. My LFS pays 25% cash, 50% store credit. I normally get store credit since I'm always buying something in there.
  10. My LFS overcharges for shrimp as they are the only store in town that has a decent selection. I paid $10 a piece for these "Red Tigers", but I have a whole bunch of livestock credit from all the CRS/CBS culls that I traded in (I get $7.50 credit for my CRS/CBS culls and then they resell it for $15). These are the only shrimp that I bought from them because I thought they looked good, and the bright red definitely caught my eye.
  11. When I bought the initial batch this past weekend, I hand picked the ones that had the most red in them. They colored up even more in my tank and one of them got berried overnight. I went back to the LFS this afternoon to buy out the rest. It seems they got in a new batch, most of them in their tank looked like the first picture, but with slightly more faint white stripes. That's when I started questioning the label "Red Tiger Shrimp". Maybe I have both low grade CRS and Red Tigers???
  12. I picked up a few of these at my LFS. They were labeled as Red Tiger Shrimp. These look to have thicker stripes than those I have seen in internet pics of Red Tiger Shrimp. Some of them have thin white stripes across the back and some white color on the tips of the tail. I'm thinking that these maybe low grade CRS, not Red Tiger shrimp. What do you guys think?
  13. I live in Texas and pretty much all my Priority Mail shipments arrive in 2 days.
  14. I feed my Sulawesi tank twice a week. One day, they get a serving of Bacter AE. Later in the week, I spot feed them Spirulina powder. Steve R's thread has a lot of great info. It really helped me out setting up my tank. http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/3727-“mount-sulawesi”-tank/
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