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  1. You have steel blue here. And nice photo's jline!
  2. Nice set up. Am i the only one who thinks/knows that that amount of substrate wil cause bad effects on a long period of time.
  3. Do you have male shrimps? I think the eggs doesn't get fertilized by a male
  4. This is not true! I don't think you know the difference between NO3 and NO2! NO3 WON'T kill your shrimplets. Unless it is way to high
  5. Hello guys I have used akadama but i want to try some new soils and would like to know if some of you guys are familiar with it and could give some feedback at it. I am considering to order Red bee sand Or Glasgarten H.E.L.P Or Glasgarten enviroment soil
  6. Tangerine tiger shrimp... 1 question.... how!?!?
  7. Some crossbreed project with pintos has led to weird egg color... bright yellow... whoops a weird side effect
  8. damn mayphly those red bolts/steel looking looks amazing~! i wish i had those.. it would had been a nice project to me to crossbreed those with aura blue and get a solid red steel with white dots on it (galaxy like shrimp) something similair to this picture
  9. Nice shrimp! It cause of the tibee/taitibee you have in the tank. The tiger genes cause a "broken" pattern and gives some really nice pattern and an unique shrimp! This is how fishbone and galaxy is created!
  10. Feed your assassins with snails or something else similar to meat otherwise they will go afyer your shrimp
  11. I am prety sure that this is definetly not a shed. Your assassin snails sucked/ate your shrimp. If it is a shed there should he no color no matter what.
  12. If you really want colorfull pinto's and get spotted head pinto's go for a group of sported head crystals + pinto zebra or multistripe. They will crossbreed and the spotted heads from crystal will appear on the pinto's. If you want that on the long turn be a blue pinto add some really well covered blue mosura panda
  13. It depends on what genes thosr mischlings contain! We call them f1 phanotype. Shrimplets from spotted head crystals which are not spotted head. Not all of them will contain the pinto genes but some of them do and i have bred f1 phantotype for a while and you get from 1 berried female eround 30 eggs 2 or 3 pinto's every batch
  14. Dead.. do you have assasin snails? They suck out the shrimp leaving the shel
  15. Kh tells more then ph.. If kh goes up pH goes up automaticly too. Goes the kh down the pH goes down too. My kh is 0 (huge buffercapability and very low ph) Looking at kh 1 or 2 is more likely to be pH between 6 or 7 I like to keep the kh lower then 2 (best kh level is 0 to stimulate all year the rain seizoen and stimulate breeding)
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