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  1. Can you show pics of the Jade greens please, thanx
  2. Anyone else? I will close offer on 9-13-18 by 8P.M. PDT Choices as of now as alot are NOW spoken for: Mini blue Red line White sock Yellow poso snails Just send me a P.M. Thanx!
  3. These are the Members wanting Sulawesi Shrimp as of 9-10-18 Shiki Hcuellart Shrimporama Shrimp Lady (me) IF I missed someone Please let me know So I can place this order as it takes time to make all the arrangements. ThanX
  4. Planitaria. Usually comes in with plants, small pleco's will munch these down in a heartbeat!
  5. My HOLDING tank (16 G. bowfront) for Sulawesi shrimp. I will add in 2 divider's before hand. I just emptied all old water & flushed & rinsed the top 1/3 of the sand bed in the bathtub. I need NO dechloronizer as Its Well water 😎.... So now all of the blonde Maylaysian snails have come out of hiding! LOL Its now full with 100% R/O water and will add in some Well water for topping-off. I added Liquid calcium and Iodine suppliments, (Kent products) and Bateria in a bottle to re-season it. I will be tossing in a few pieces of algae'd Limestone rock from my outdoor tub pond as well. This should "harden" up the KH too. Rock comes from the San Juan Islands as there is a huge Quarry on Orcas Island. It's even found in a few lakes as well. The KH in them is in the 300 range and has Black Large mouth bass in one of these lakes (Kilbrew).
  6. Yes as it takes time to fill several 3.5 gallon buckets for top offs. KH is pretty low @110 for PH reading here. what are you using to harden it up some???
  7. Yes send me a P.M. with your selections and info please...
  8. What do you mean? $ or pieces YES were up to 230 now + snails! I'm affraid to go higher as Shipping will go way up but will see what weight for that many + water will be in K.G. to US lbs.
  9. Soo I have ordered (6) types of Sulawesi Shrimps now (there are 9 types) and order will be placed on (9-9-18) + 6 types of Sulawesi POSO rabbit snails is included order as well. Time is of the essence as Weather/fall is coming on here in the Pac. N. W. from over there in Indonesia.... I will tank all 12 types of REALLY cool shrimp + his choice of rabbit snails (pairs) here,,, soo just let me know IF your wanting to help out? Shipping is the big cost, not the shrimp/snails at a measly $2.50 per piece.... I will post the shipping cost here,,, DHL International as it's around $250.oo or soo...
  10. white orchid SW.webp 6 banded SW.webp mini blue SW.webp
  11. They have been on Oahu since the 1970's as folks who had too any just released them into the local streams!
  12. Hi all, I am on a Well which is at around 300' above the valley floor below me. I am 320' at my elevation is according to Google Earth 320'. My questions are; P.H. out of the yard Hydrants is 8.0 In the house it's 8.3-8.4 P.H.<<<>>> G.H./ K.H. will need to be tested again as it's the end of the dry season here in the Pac N.W..... Ohh I do wonder IF there is Phosphate's in this Well water too. Got lots of bearded, fuzzy algae in tanks as well... This mobile is a 1975 model plumbed with old school PVC/pecks piping, the ONLY copper lines are from the T's under floors to each faucet (3)/bathtubs (2). The 4 outside water Hydrants are direct in-line plumbed with PVC & junction fittings 2 are plastic valves (U.G.) 2 are galvanized. Hmm is it the copper runs to the sinks/bath tubs??? Most water for fish/shrimps comes fro the kitchen sink. NO issues using directly for Shrimp either with NO additives used for 9 years now.... Any advise will be appreciated here... Thanks you guys/gals
  13. Pics are coming and yes I am working on the cautious side. Payment to him (Art) his american name will be via Paypal = (Goods & services) this garentee's the buyer from fraud... No box NO $$$$! I have filed a few claims over a 2 year period from Aquabid seller's who did'nt hold up there end. Got a TOTAL refund of $150.oo for Plecoe's That all showed up way late,, 2 weeks later all D.O.A.
  14. An e-mail from my shrimp guy today Hi sherry.. Glad to hear it. . Sulawesi type: 1. Tigris 2. Spongicola 3. Yellow leg 4. Yellow nose 5. Redline 6. Six banded (brown and black ) 7. Whitesock 8. Miniblue (C.lohae ) 9. Red orchid 10. Black poso (rabbit snail) 11. Yellow poso (rabbit snail) 12. Yellow spot (rabbit snail) 13. Yellow horn (rabbit snail) 14. White spot (rabbit snail) Like I said in the above post the minimum for any order is 100 pieces, any combo, for a minimum total order to split between all interested. I would like to shoot for 150 pieces total instead... Price is $2.50 each Shrimp and Snails Shipping quoat will depend on total orders weight.... Got to go for now will check in tonight...
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