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  1. Can you show pics of the Jade greens please, thanx
  2. Anyone else? I will close offer on 9-13-18 by 8P.M. PDT Choices as of now as alot are NOW spoken for: Mini blue Red line White sock Yellow poso snails Just send me a P.M. Thanx!
  3. These are the Members wanting Sulawesi Shrimp as of 9-10-18 Shiki Hcuellart Shrimporama Shrimp Lady (me) IF I missed someone Please let me know So I can place this order as it takes time to make all the arrangements. ThanX
  4. Planitaria. Usually comes in with plants, small pleco's will munch these down in a heartbeat!
  5. My HOLDING tank (16 G. bowfront) for Sulawesi shrimp. I will add in 2 divider's before hand. I just emptied all old water & flushed & rinsed the top 1/3 of the sand bed in the bathtub. I need NO dechloronizer as Its Well water 😎.... So now all of the blonde Maylaysian snails have come out of hiding! LOL Its now full with 100% R/O water and will add in some Well water for topping-off. I added Liquid calcium and Iodine suppliments, (Kent products) and Bateria in a bottle to re-season it. I will be tossing in a few pieces of algae'd Limestone rock from my outdoor tub
  6. Yes as it takes time to fill several 3.5 gallon buckets for top offs. KH is pretty low @110 for PH reading here. what are you using to harden it up some???
  7. Yes send me a P.M. with your selections and info please...
  8. What do you mean? $ or pieces YES were up to 230 now + snails! I'm affraid to go higher as Shipping will go way up but will see what weight for that many + water will be in K.G. to US lbs.
  9. Soo I have ordered (6) types of Sulawesi Shrimps now (there are 9 types) and order will be placed on (9-9-18) + 6 types of Sulawesi POSO rabbit snails is included order as well. Time is of the essence as Weather/fall is coming on here in the Pac. N. W. from over there in Indonesia.... I will tank all 12 types of REALLY cool shrimp + his choice of rabbit snails (pairs) here,,, soo just let me know IF your wanting to help out? Shipping is the big cost, not the shrimp/snails at a measly $2.50 per piece.... I will post the shipping cost here,,, DHL International as it's aroun
  10. white orchid SW.webp 6 banded SW.webp mini blue SW.webp
  11. They have been on Oahu since the 1970's as folks who had too any just released them into the local streams!
  12. Hi all, I am on a Well which is at around 300' above the valley floor below me. I am 320' at my elevation is according to Google Earth 320'. My questions are; P.H. out of the yard Hydrants is 8.0 In the house it's 8.3-8.4 P.H.<<<>>> G.H./ K.H. will need to be tested again as it's the end of the dry season here in the Pac N.W..... Ohh I do wonder IF there is Phosphate's in this Well water too. Got lots of bearded, fuzzy algae in tanks as well... This mobile is a 1975 model plumbed with old school PVC/pecks piping, the ONLY copper lines are from th
  13. Pics are coming and yes I am working on the cautious side. Payment to him (Art) his american name will be via Paypal = (Goods & services) this garentee's the buyer from fraud... No box NO $$$$! I have filed a few claims over a 2 year period from Aquabid seller's who did'nt hold up there end. Got a TOTAL refund of $150.oo for Plecoe's That all showed up way late,, 2 weeks later all D.O.A.
  14. An e-mail from my shrimp guy today Hi sherry.. Glad to hear it. . Sulawesi type: 1. Tigris 2. Spongicola 3. Yellow leg 4. Yellow nose 5. Redline 6. Six banded (brown and black ) 7. Whitesock 8. Miniblue (C.lohae ) 9. Red orchid 10. Black poso (rabbit snail) 11. Yellow poso (rabbit snail) 12. Yellow spot (rabbit snail) 13. Yellow horn (rabbit snail) 14. White spot (rabbit snail) Like I said in the above post the minimum for any order is 100 pieces, any combo, for a minimum total order to split between all interested. I would lik
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