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  1. So I just moved and the tap water here is complete opposite from where I was. PH is 6.8 tap, 6.4 in my FW fish tank with Amazonia, TDS is 246 tap and 462 in tank, GH is 8, KH is 0-1 and no metals in tap. I set up my 55 FW when I got here. I had planned on setting my 10g halfmoon for neos but isn't my tap water just about perfect for blue bolts and king kongs? I've never kept them before because my tap was crap and I really don't like adjusting tap, don't have RO and I'm not buying 50 gallons of distilled every month. I'd rather stock to the water than change the water to what I stock. My concern is the gh and kh too low? Will I have ph swings at that lvl. I've had a couple of weird fish deaths in my 55 that I can't explain but it's just random fish not all of my cardinals just a couple and a couple of cory. No ammonia, nitrite and 10ppm nitrate but it's a heavy planted tank. Weirdly enough there are still 5 amano swimming around in the 55. None of them have died or been eaten by the cories. So does anybody know if those water params will work for blue bolts?
  2. Thanks guys the biocube people didn't recommend it for a shrimp tank. I went and got the Tetra halfmoon kit and I LOVE it so much I bought another one. The 1st is just about ready to add shrimp and the second will be ready in another 2 to 3 weeks. I'm using the SL Aqua cycling on it and it's amazing how fast it's maturing with a nice coat of bio-film all over it. It's doing so well I'm finally going to try CRS
  3. Can you keep crystal reds and blacks together or will they lose color in the next generation?
  4. I swear this is my last try. Something always seems to happen. My old shrimp tank broke a couple of months ago and I lost all but 1 of my shrimp. So I decided to try one more time. I got a 10g tetra half moon tank. and set it up with eco complete at about 3/4 inch, 3 pieces of wood and a lava rock. Anubias nana and java ferns. I stopped using refresh because I was told it wasn't good for shrimp and picked up salty shrimp gh/kh to use with distilled. Out of the old tank I managed to save 1 fire red neo, 2 mystery snails and a nerite. I've cycled it about a month now. Here's the weird. The gh is around 10 but the kh is practically non existent 0 or 1. The ph is around 6.8 - 7 which using the salty shrimp it should be gh 10 kh 5 and around 7.2 ph. Ammonia is 0 and nitrite is 0 but nitrate is about 40ppm. Last night I stuck a little bag of crushed coral in to see if it made any progress. With the snails I need at least a 4 or 5 kh don't I? Should I try to tinker with the chemistry? Or just let the tank stay at it's current level of 10 gh 0 kh and 6.8ph move the snails to my 55 and go with crystal reds instead of neos? Isn't that the perfect chem for crystals? Oh and anybody know why my nitrates would be that high with only nanas and java ferns? Is java moss a nitrate sink? here's a pic of the tank and the little sack of crushed corral. It's been in the tank 24 hrs and the kh is still 0.
  5. Is it possible to set up a 14g biocube for neos? I recently lost my eclipse 12 due to a crack. I moved all the shrimp to a 10 which I just hate.. the eclipse was such a great tank it just sucks they discont it and i've looked all over for a replacement and can't find one. I took a look at a biocube pic and saw the intake is a few slats at the bottom and some at the top. can you stuff it with floss to keep it from sucking in shrimp? it's what i did for my fluval in tank filter.
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  7. Long story I will try to make it short. I have heavy planted aquariums. A 55 community tank and had 10g 13g and 30L shrimp tanks and I have a 12 empty. On my shrimps I use distilled water and replenish. Something started going terribly wrong. 1St the 30L broke when I shifted it, I got the big fire reds out and stuck them in the 13. I used flourish in that tank with some other macros like phos and root tabs in the 10. Nearly everything had died... about 7 fire reds, out of more than 70. Funny but all the snails are fine. I wish it had killed off the pond snails but no luck. so I've got the 12g eclipse, it's tall with a bow front but I'm not using the filter that comes with it. I'm using a fluval nano that come with their shrimp tank packages. I've got several and never once had a baby sucked up into it. Here's the change for me I've never done a tank with less than 3" of eco-complete because I have always had plants. This time I'm just using 2 pieces of wood and a lava rock that have moss, marimo, petite nana and a few different types of java fern. I'm not trying any rooted plants to avoid fertz. These are the 2 pieces of wood and one or the other of those rocks Should I leave to bottom bare or put a small amount of eco-complete down. I'm thinking the lava rock will do for a microbe growing spot but do they absolutely need substrate? Oh and I'm using the wood and rock out of other tanks does that instantly cycle a tank or do I need to wait awhile.
  8. Thanks for the answers. How many of you feed the powder and what are your results? I've got a couple dead in the tank today but my shrimp are getting older and the tank water is fine. no ammo, nitrites and barely any nitrates. I did about 1/3 WC. I never have found a good way to vacuum but I have these little fluval intank filters that clean pretty well and are shrimp safe.
  9. I've had red cherry shrimp for about a year but I'll admit I'm still a newb. My fire reds have finally started breeding consistently. In fact they are filling up my 10g. So I bought some shirakura yellow powder baby shrimp food. I'm not sure how to feed it though. I've been pulling a little water out of the tank and mixing a couple of scoops in the water, shaking it up good and pouring it back in. It swirls around the tank a minute and then sinks to the bottom. Is that right? I'm still dropping in a wafer of the ebi dama too for the adults. It's gone in about an hour. Is that too much?
  10. I have a Fluval 30L shrimp tank. That's an old pic it's completely filled in now. Like the whole back is solid moneywort. So it's heavy planted. There's probably 50 or 60 Taiwan Fire Red shrimp maybe more. It's impossible to count. I want to get some Bloody Marys to improve my color a bit but I'm not sure how many will fit in a 30L. Moving them all to a 10g would be a huge pain but how many can you keep in a 10g.
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