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  1. 10 blue diamond shrimps for $50 shipped! Will go out Monday 10 blue Ramshorn Snails shipped for $25 10 pink Ramshorn Snails shipped for $25 92F47115-2340-417F-A545-62794F56E9C6.MOV
  2. They are $1 each. I currently have 70ish left shipping is $2 no matter how many are purchased. Size of these bags are 6X10 these are the more thicker feel bags woth square corners.
  3. I have a canon 100mm Marco lens with cap for sale. No longer need it. Asking for $300 shipped priority. I used it twice and realize I have no business in taking shrimp photos with it. I’ll stick to my iPhone for shrimp pictures.
  4. I have some green jades for sale. Each is $5.00 shipping is $15
  5. Size is 5” x 3” of course it’s waterproof and durable against all elements of weather. Shipping is free (stamped 1st class) each Sticker is $5.00
  6. Thanks man. Glad you like the quality of them, I knew I wouldn’t disappoint
  7. I have Pink, brown, leopard brown and blue and working on reds as well.
  8. No way!!!! That’s super expensive. I would risk to send you them but still paying that price for them is way to high.
  9. $1 each Fairly easy to care for. Make sure you feed calcium in diet. shipping is $7.50 using priority mail. Ships out Monday.
  10. Only $5.00 with shipping included. worldwide shipping is also free!! size: 5" x 3" waterproof and durable for outside use
  11. I would want some of your OERBT for rams
  12. -Size: 5" x 3" -Durable -Waterproof -Clean look Only $5 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Orders will be sent out next year, 😂 currently on vacation until Jan. 3rd.
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