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  1. I always had bad luck with ATI filters. I finally figured out the bases rust and leach into the water. It sounds like your issues are with biological contamination, but it’s worth checking out your filters.
  2. Nice shots, what lens did you get?
  3. Not yet! But a hint is that it's not a hybrid. Thank you! Took some work. Still workin! Those BMs sound sweet! Id like to see some pictures! My bloodys are just solid red.. not complaining! I'm using a canon 80d with the 18-55 stock EFS lens and a cheap macro kit (extension tubes). Worth the money if you have a DSLR. There are little clip on macro lenses for phones tho! Definitely never will get the same quality as a DSLR with a nice macro lens, but who has money for that? [emoji23]
  4. Going for cloud/nanacy patterns. Getting closer!
  5. Canon 80d, stock 18-55mm EFS lens with a macro kit on the end. Looking into nice F series macro lenses, but they are close to $1000, which is only slightly less than the camera body alone. -___-
  6. Finally got a new dDSLR and a macro kit! I can also send photos from the camera directly to my phone, so plenty to come! Still working on lighting and I need to invest in an external flash. But here are a few to start!
  7. Red Tibee and Fancy Red Tigers: Wine, Ruby, and Extreme RKK: Yellow neos: Berried goldenback!
  8. You've got the right idea about the difference between the two. For Bettas, though, they sometimes make bubble nests that can look like protein build up and really don't need aeration, but it's okay to have air. The water in the vase actually remains around that level. This is because it's styled after a type of aquarium called a "wabi kusa," in which a majority, or at least many of the plants, are exposed to air (emersed) with very little water in a shallow dish or bowl below, just to maintain humidity. Try googling some pictures and you'll see what I mean. The difference is that mine has mo
  9. Oh the surface scum? Different than biofilm. You could try agitation, like with a small airstone.
  10. Sort of a planted vase! Try an additive powder like Bacter AE. I use L'Bee Bacter Bee, same idea, I just like this particular one because I've never had any issues from accidentally over feeding it, which happens often with me. Here are links to both from a couple fellow members' websites: Bacter AE: http://www.theshrimptank.com/vitamin-health-aids/glasgarten-bacter-ae/ L'Bee: https://www.discobee.com/collections/lbee/products/lbee-bacterbee
  11. Planted shrimp vase? I thought I was the only one. Sounds like a new thread... It's pretty sweet to see a shrimp release her babies! Lucky you got to see the magic so soon, I didn't get to see it for a long time! Anyway, welcome!
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