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  1. I always had bad luck with ATI filters. I finally figured out the bases rust and leach into the water. It sounds like your issues are with biological contamination, but it’s worth checking out your filters.
  2. Bump. Update on the video? Also, I made this correction to the chart above in response to a comment recently in a Facebook shrimp group. I got a lot of positive responses and confirmation about the info I presented. Hopefully it is of some help.
  3. I guess my best advice for success in breeding has always been get a TDS meter. Super useful when used correctly and gives a nice snapshot of tank health and stability. In combination with a RODI unit and remineralizer, it's easy to succeed (if you do your homework on the proper parameters for your shrimp!).
  4. 1. Cherry shrimp come from a reddish variant of the wildtype Neocaridina davidi. They were slowly and carefully selected for deeper and bolder reds and bred together until they became the cherry shrimp you see today. 1.1 red rili is a mutation from cherry, which means it is a change to the genome that causes a difference in pigment deposition. So rili shrimp can only be bred from rili mutants! 1.2 keep the color strong comes down to selecting for the best shrimp in the colony and line breeding. Also adding new blood from other sources will limit genetic defects from inbreeding. 2. Green jades
  5. Nice shots, what lens did you get?
  6. Super interested, just broke until Friday!!! D:
  7. Wow! Great deals! I'd love to pick up some ghost bees (as well as probably some other cardina and some BD or BVs). I live in Santa Cruz. Could I possibly drive over the hill and pick them up rather than worry about shipping?
  8. I love the grow granules, the shrimp go absolutely nuts for them and I just drop some in, no crushing, and they do sink. Usually not fed alone since they tend to get hogged. The algae pads are a huge hit as well, i split them up into little pieces. The putty is my favorite. I like to roll up several teeny balls of it and stick a few in the feeding dish and smash some smaller ones against the glass of the tank sometimes. It kinda melts and disperses through the water and makes a bit of a mess, but not too bad and it helps ensure my shrimplets are getting fed - although that's not a huge co
  9. Not yet! But a hint is that it's not a hybrid. Thank you! Took some work. Still workin! Those BMs sound sweet! Id like to see some pictures! My bloodys are just solid red.. not complaining! I'm using a canon 80d with the 18-55 stock EFS lens and a cheap macro kit (extension tubes). Worth the money if you have a DSLR. There are little clip on macro lenses for phones tho! Definitely never will get the same quality as a DSLR with a nice macro lens, but who has money for that? [emoji23]
  10. Going for cloud/nanacy patterns. Getting closer!
  11. True! Some of my first shrimp were orange, and they were a mix of Sakura and neons, and I was thinking it was the solid ones that were more brilliant but maybe it was the neons... The brighter the better honestly. I'll dig back thru old photos and see if I can find some of the ones I'm thinking of... Then there was my mixed tank... I like the color on the larger females with the backlines near the front.
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