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  1. Curious as to the amount of product in grams measurement. Is there additional shipping or is that included in the price? Thanks,,,,Mike
  2. Thank you for the video. Your English is better then a lot of people here in the U.S. You grammar/pronunciation and sentence structure is very good. Thank you also for wanting to share your knowledge with others as that helps our hobby to grow. With out my learning from members on this forum I would have never tried raising shrimp and having success after a few failures. The information on the web was from "really easy" to almost "impossible" to raise these animals and I was discouraged. I wish you luck with your farm and your YT channel.,,,,Mike
  3. Hey Conner, I started out about 2 years ago and got tons of help from this site and the members on it. I followed the advice and still lost entire bunches of shrimp before being successful, but I kept on with these critters. I now have several healthy breeding colonies of shrimp and am glad I didn't give up. Yes it can be expensive with losses, but now my grand kids and myself enjoy watching them and looking for variations or culls to remove. They now have tanks in their bedrooms that they can enjoy at home and continue this great hobby. ,,,,,Mike Hi Sandy, Go to the
  4. I did a quick search online and the FDA website has some interesting (and scary) info on this compound. I would check it out. I'm not saavy enough to get the link on here.
  5. Hi Jadenlea. I too have let life interfere with my living the dream! I have learned to utilize natural leaf material as the main foods for my shrimp. Weed and tree leaves provide plenty of variety and lots of minerals and nutrients. I use broad and narrow leaf plantain, amaranth leaves, mulberry, nettle, kale and other garden veggies. Most can be wild collected or grown easily. I supplement with SK mineral and protein, CSF baby pro, and BW frenzy. Works well for me with my Neos,,,,Mike
  6. In order not to possibly damage the pump I would let some air bleed off from the pvc by opening a valve or several valves to limit the sound of air escaping. Just listen to how the pump sounds with no back pressure and adjust valves so the pump does not sound like it is struggling.
  7. Hey Mikolas, Purewaterclub.com has a 100GPD unit on sale for $67 with free shipping. Cheaper then their 50GPD units. They also have great service and replacement filters and parts galore for every situation.,,,,Mike
  8. Welcome Mikolas to Shrimp Spot. I rotate amaranth ,nettle, and other veggie leaves as leave in food. Usually gone in two days. As for purchased foods I use Shrimp King Mineral, and Protein, CSF Baby Pro, and BW Frenzy. The Frenzy is the only one they really go crazy for. Most of the leaves are easy to grow (even in containers) to save money and are like vegetation that would fall in their natural environment.,,,,Mike
  9. Hi all, Visited Pet Supplies Plus here in Ohio looking for a Gold Mystery snail for my Grandson and noticed that they are having $1 a gallon sale on Aqueon tanks. As usual less then 10g and their 15g are not included but everything up to 55g is on sale.,,,,Mike P.S. Anyone here in N.E. Ohio interested in 40g breeder as I have extras
  10. Hi Maurice, The pipe's on my HMFs are at surface level. I think it helps to keep the surface moving for transfer of NO3, ammonia, and other problems away from tanks. I have thought about sub-surface/ half under surface in the past but figured I would have to put a barrier on it so shrimp would not swim behind filter. Thinking about it now, half under would give me more water volume in tank but not sure that would be beneficial. Need to do some math.,,,, Mike
  11. Aotf. Thanks for catching my mistake. These 55+ hour weeks are catching up with me. I'll stick to trying to help on the weekends after better sleep.,,,,Mike
  12. Hey Dao, Checked the Azoo website and it says that Triple Black contain's " anti bacterial and anti fungus substances, can be a pretective agent from bacteria and fungus infection". Maybe it is killing off your beneficial nitrifying bacteria causing your NO3 to stay high.
  13. Welcome tlarsen to the forum. For me aluminum sulfate is to harsh. I have used a salt dip in the past but Greenpepper has a product called Predator that would be my go to product now. I have successfully used it to kill snails and their eggs in a tank after removing the shrimp. It is an all natural product that I believe is made from plants. I would type in Predator in the search bar to locate the conversation.,,,,Mike
  14. Hey Gordy, Glad to hear things are finally working out for you. Hopefully some plants can use up of of the nitrates. I know some people have no issues with 0 KH but sometimes failure of the shrimp to moult can occur. Happy Shrimping Friend!
  15. Hey Gordy. As far as I know the minerals in SS products do not alter the PH. I use the GH+ and have never had a PH change with my neutral R/O water. Not sure about KH+ .
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