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  1. Thank you for the video. Your English is better then a lot of people here in the U.S. You grammar/pronunciation and sentence structure is very good. Thank you also for wanting to share your knowledge with others as that helps our hobby to grow. With out my learning from members on this forum I would have never tried raising shrimp and having success after a few failures. The information on the web was from "really easy" to almost "impossible" to raise these animals and I was discouraged. I wish you luck with your farm and your YT channel.,,,,Mike
  2. Hi all, Visited Pet Supplies Plus here in Ohio looking for a Gold Mystery snail for my Grandson and noticed that they are having $1 a gallon sale on Aqueon tanks. As usual less then 10g and their 15g are not included but everything up to 55g is on sale.,,,,Mike P.S. Anyone here in N.E. Ohio interested in 40g breeder as I have extras
  3. For me 3-4 cm (1.25" - 1.5")has worked with the UGF in the old days when I only had fish. I still have one shrimp tank with that type of filter, but have switched over to HMF or other sponge filters in the rest. Purigen will help if you put in in a hang on filter, but I don't believe it addresses the real cause of the high ammonia level.
  4. Maybe if your substrate is on the thin side there might not be enough beneficial bacteria to clean out your nitrates and ammonia as the UGF pulls water thru it. The only tank I have left with an UGF has about 1 1/4" (3cm) of gravel on top. Just taking a guess. Or maybe your test kit is off as I have had that happen as well.
  5. When you say inert soil I'm not quite sure what you mean. Soil to me is an organic material like in a garden. I hoping you meant an inert substrate like sand or gravel. By the way your English is much better then the three years of French I took in school !
  6. Hi Mauro. I would lower the PH to around 6.8-7.2 and the GH at around 7-8 tops. KH looks good but the NO3 is high as well. I would do a 25% to 30% water change. If you decide to use a little more acidic water in your change to drop PH as well I would do a slow drip over several hours and place the tubing where there is the most water flow to disperse it better in the tank.,,,,Mike
  7. As Not Kelly said the bioload (lots of poo) of goldfish is high so I would be concerned about nitrates/ammonia levels being high enough to kill off shrimp on top of the stress of shipping or just new environment. Please get a NO2,NO3 test kit if you don't have one as you may have to do a partial water change. Not trying to scare you but I have learned the hard way ($$) that shrimp are more delicate then other aquatic critters but are worth the extra effort. My Grandkids and I watch the shrimp and look for different color shades as a game. I too have used goldfish in the past to cycle a ne
  8. Finally got a chance to read about your adventure. Your enthusiasm is great even under adverse issues. Looks like your also entering the world of "holy molie where did all those snails come from?" I set up a 2.5g tank for my 2 year old grandson with black gravel, some neon tetras and 2 pink ramshorn snails. Last week she informed me that there were at least 30 baby snails. Go figure. Going to pull 1 adult and the babies and hope I get the female.

    Thanks Marvin.  Great communication and fast, accurate service.   Mike

  10. Sure you can. Hi I'm Mike and I'm a tank-addict too
  11. For me on the first logo the white of the lettering fades into the blue. The second logo "pops" off the page at you and gets your attention. I like the flowers and are placed just right, but think a more muted color would look better and more appropriate for aquatic plants.
  12. Are the totes going to be for water storage and associated plumbing?
  13. Generally a dark cool place is all that is needed to keep dried foods nutritious for over a year. Moisture and light degrade most foods. My dried herbs are kept in the pantry in mason jars and the temperature is around 60 degrees. I'm sure that if you put them in the freezer they will last for several years. My stock seeds are dried to <5% and I have had tomato seeds germinate up to 10 years later.
  14. Hey Bryce,

      Since your getting Large again I just saw that Flipaquatics has a Sat. special on Matten filters.  10g is $9.95 and 20g is $12.95.  Thought about posting in General Topic but wasn't sure if OK as others may need these as well. 


    1. Soothing Shrimp

      Soothing Shrimp

      Sounds like it should be fine.

    2. oem


      Thanks, Decent deal me thinks

  15. Curious as to what type of stone that is? Thanks
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