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  1. I have a old quietflow 20 filter that im thinking of using for the 10g on the top and just putting a sponge on the intake instead of a sponge filter since itll be for culls so the bioload will get pretty high, thoughts?
  2. I decided to get back into the hobby after a couple years with a 10g saltwater tank and now i have a rack in progress in the corner of my room. I plan to have a 10gallon mixed/cull tank on the top of the rack, and 3 2.5gallon tanks on the middle shelf. The picture shows 2 2.5gs but its actually 1 now because the right one started leaking and when i returned it they didnt have any more 2.5gs or a 10g in stock My lfs usually has some Fire reds and Blue dreams in stock so ill definitely be having those in 2 of the 2.5g tanks, still deciding on the last one though. the moss in the left tank i pulled off a dock near my house and its been in my little sisters betta tank for about a year and only doubled in size since then, and on the right is a crypt wendtii.
  3. I haven't read it either, but I've seen some with one and some without one. I didn't wanna use fertz but i saw some walstad tanks that used fertz and looked really good so that's why i was wondering about them. i like the ring thing he has to help keep the duckweed in a certain area.
  4. Because i plan on getting a betta or something at some point I guess I should get a filter before i start setting stuff up.So I'm deciding between these three filters.Azoo Palm Filter: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...atid=9821&s=lhMini size: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...tid=28052&s=lhSize 11: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...atid=3954&s=lhI Have an air pump so if i get a sponge filter i would save a couple dollars but I'm not sure which one i should get.
  5. I have been out of keeping tanks for a few months now, I took down my two tanks because i was busy with school and couldn't keep up with maintenance on them, but it's summer now so i wanna get back into things. I am wanting to setup my 2.5 gallon tank as a walstad method shrimp tank. i might change out the shrimp to a betta once the tank stables out but idk yet.So my reason for posting this thread is I don't know what soil to get as I am on a budget so i wanna keep the soil and fertz under $10.This is the soil i was thinking about using https://www.walmart.com/ip/Just-Natu...ural/143800855and fertz I am lost, i never used fertz in my old tanks as they were always heavily stocked.I plan on stocking low light plants as i am using a fluorescent desk lamp for a lights, and Ghost shrimp until i decide what i really wanna keep in it.
  6. ok, I'm just trying to find something that won't need me to save up for a long time.
  7. ok, I dont have alot of money so I was gonna get aqueon liquid ferts. what about organic top soil? Like people use for walstad bowls thank you, ill be sure to start a journal when I start it.
  8. ok, I was planning to use play sand, and liquid ferts, so i can just put conditioned water with liquid ferts and spray that on it?
  9. thank you, would DHG, Java moss and micro sword work? also should I pre cycle a sponge filter in another tank or cycle after I flood the tank?
  10. I've always wanted something like that, I would always get a piece of rock from the beach and find bristle worms and little crabs and try and keep them alive, well when I was in Florida. I know literally nothing about cold water fish. what fish do you stock in it?
  11. I had to take down my 2.5 shrimp tank when I moved, I never set it up again and things are starting to settle down with school so I wanted to try and do a budget dry start with my empty 2.5 gallon. I wanted to do mainly moss and carpeting plants, I have a desk lamp I can use but I'll eventually get a better light. my main question is how do I start? What substrate can I/ should i use? what plants do well in dry start? how long do i do the dry start before adding water?
  12. i have a few of them, I got them from native plants I collected. probably came in on plants or something. they can get big in the wild, my darters ate most of my big ones so I don't know how big they get in tanks. still really cool though.
  13. looks awesome, what is the tank below it?
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