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  1. anyone selling any good color cherry shrimp?
  2. Can someone please review this video and confirm what's floating in this tank?
  3. Not sure if you ever found any Neo culls, but I'm doing a big cull on my tank this weekend.  If you still want some let me know.



  4. What parameters do you keep YKK in
  5. Good Morning Everyone,Does anyone have any Neo Shrimp culls they can sell to me?
  6. Thank you for the offer, but im in the USA :/
  7. Looking to buy some Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  8. Since I only have a small tank, I could use one of these instead of getting a RO/DI unit correct? Or would it be pointless?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, I will be dosing less now to limit the Nitrate
  10. Good Morning Everyone, What does everyone keeps their Nitrate Levels at? I know the lower the better, but I'm doing EI dosing, and my tank was at 40 ppm. I just bought some tigers, will this kill them?
  11. Has anyone ever used these before? They seem cheap and good option to put purigen with. http://www.truaqua.com/aquatop-internal-sponge-filter-caf-10.html
  12. Are tangerine tigers more orange than orange neos?
  13. I will be stocking my 6 gallon edge soon, and curious which direction I should go with. I really wanted to go with Orange Neo Shrimps, but curious how true do they breed? Also from what I understand, you can keep tigers with Neos, but tigers are more aggressive when it comes to feeding. Do you guys recommend having the Neo Shrimp in the tank first, and let them colonize before adding tigers?
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