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  1. I have Royal Blue OE. Inactive most of the time. Do not know why. No nitrate nitrite ammonia. TDS 150 Kh1 Gh5. Ph 6.9-7.1. The season maybe ? They were very active in Jan when i go them.
  2. Here plz. I am broke college student
  3. Would gou recommend sss Blue bolt x with bkk misc f1 for higher shrimplet survival rate ?What would the offspring of extreme bkk x sss BlueBolt look like ? Thanks
  4. I am curious. What grade is your Blue Bolt ? SSS ?
  5. Hello, I am planning on breeding high grade Blue Bolt (BB). Would you guy suggest buying high grade bkk x mid grade bb then cross with Royal Blue tiger then cross back with BB ?
  6. Would a canister filter ( rated 80 gallons ) replace a sponge filter ( rated 80 gallons) and a small hob ?
  7. Please share your experience with any of the product mentioned in the title. pH ? Ammonia ? longevity ? Thank you
  8. 1. Sarah 2. Newellcr 3. ShrimpP 4. Pokeshrimp 5. Jynn 6. Eloodaku 7. Neilshieh 8. Pescador 9. serenityfate 10. Mr. F 11. Nvidiagefore
  9. Thanks for the tremendous amount of help. My supplier is raising his cardinal shrimps in PH of 8.5. Not so sure about GH and KH. He also uses the SS Sulawesi 8.5 remineralizer.
  10. Trying to raise Cardinal shrimps. I like argonite because it is available for cheap at some aquarium stores near my place. The reason I do not like argonite is I do not like to see particles of argonite fly around everytime I do waterchange. I do not like crushed coral because most of the crushed coral I ever seen is too big for my like, afraid shrimplet migjt get stucked between pieces. What am I planing to do is 80% of the substrate is argonite. On top of that is fine-medium crushed coral. Trying to achieve ph of 8.5 here.
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