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  1. I personally buy Shop Vac brand myself but pretty much any brand will work. Assuming you're in the USA just goto the Lowe's or Home Depot websites and pick one out with good reviews in your price range. A $50 one should be fine for your needs.
  2. A better question for him might be: > What brand of active substrate do you sell for $4 per pound? If you catch my drift. Lol 😂 The naysayers don't want Caridina shrimp adapting to tap water because they won't be able to sell their overpriced fancy dirt or magic shrimp potions, AND the prices of shrimp will go down.
  3. Sorry to tell you that people are already doing it and the Caridina shrimp are infact thriving and breeding.
  4. Yeah that's what I'm going to end up doing since no one has any for sale atm. I'm doing it because I don't want to spend 4 dollars per pound for clay/humus substrate. 😁
  5. 40 gallon breeder. There's actually a whole lot more shrimp than what can be seen in the photos, they're hiding for some reason usually allow over the place. 1 month ago:
  6. When we moved into a new house last July all but about 8 of my Red Rili and Cherry shrimp died. They're doing much better now. ?
  7. Shrimp at least seem more active now hopefully the rapid change didn't kill any though. I'll be sure to order some substrate (not fluval) on payday Unrelated photos from Neocaridina tank just because ?
  8. Don't know my kh, need to buy a test kit. I follow the dosing recommended on http://nilocg.com. And test tds to make sure it's not crazy high. Anyway I was cleaning out some overgrown plants out of the tank (from the stream near me) I was experimenting with. About took over the tank... Well I found 5 small lava rocks I had in there with Moss growing on them. Last I knew lava was inert but I googled it a few people have said it can have carbonates in them. Long story short I took them out and tested ph 5 hours later and it's at 6.5... Lol So I don
  9. Thanks I imagine I'd best get a Kh test when I can and some more substrate hopefully that'll do the trick before my shrimpys pass away ?
  10. Nothing but the shrimp Stratum and a piece of driftwood and cholla I'd think so lol. Even with co2 running it never gets below 7 Ph is 6.6 after sitting in a jug about an hour and 15 tds. Don't have a kh tester, wouldn't think it's much of anything though I only mixed well water for about a month, worth a try though. Sadly now money for substrate right now though. Lol
  11. I actually just tested the PH meter with some cherry coke. Googled the average ph of it and the PH tester was spot on so inaccurate readings isn't the problem. Also should note that I had the same problems with the PH before I started using those aquatic plant ferts. Was just 50/50 RO and well water
  12. Nope only driftwood and fluval shrimp Stratum. This is the only Caridina tank so nope Those are ferts for the estimative index method of fertilization. Don't think any of my shrimp have died none berried either though. ?
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