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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to TheGardenofEder in Black Friday Sales!   
    It might be possible but I would not recommend them like I would tigers. It would be risky but possible
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to DevinB in Best lighting for ten gallon planted.   
    Just wanted to update this thread on how the finnex planted 24/7 cc worked out for me. It has been just under one month since I received this light and this morning the light started flicking in between diferent lighting modes uncontrollably and then on and off. Now it completely stopped working and emits no light, suffice it to say that this is a terribly made light as I've come to expect from finnex. Now comes all of the fun hassle of dealing with returning this light and likely having to buy an entirely new fixture for the mean time so that I dont kill off all of my buce..
    I will never buy another finnex product again after this, and am rather upset that I let myself believe that they actually addressed the issues that they said they fixed from the previous 2 models of this light.
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to HumanArtRebel1020 in Good 350watt heater?   
    Not doing the job
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    Wakspiddlevak got a reaction from Saddleback Shrimp in [WTB] Tap water acclimated Caridina cantonensis shrimp   
    A better question for him might be:
    > What brand of active substrate do you sell for $4 per pound?
    If you catch my drift. Lol 😂 
    The naysayers don't want Caridina shrimp adapting to tap water because they won't be able to sell their overpriced fancy dirt or magic shrimp potions, AND the prices of shrimp will go down. 
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    Wakspiddlevak got a reaction from Saddleback Shrimp in [WTB] Tap water acclimated Caridina cantonensis shrimp   
    Yeah that's what I'm going to end up doing since  no one has any for sale atm.
    I'm doing it because I don't want to spend 4 dollars per pound for clay/humus substrate. 😁
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to Saddleback Shrimp in [WTB] Tap water acclimated Caridina cantonensis shrimp   
    Yes I have 27 Tangerine tigers living in Neo waters. Around 270 tds along with my blue dreams.
    I started with 10 tigers at first, acclimated them for 24+ hrs on drip and then did the same for the rest. Caridinas can live in neo waters 200-300 tds; you just have to spend the time to acclimate them. 
    I am low on tank space, that is why I am putting cardinas with my neos. 
    Oh btw... I also have 11 stardust shrimp in the tank as well. For they dont breed with other caridinas. 
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    Wakspiddlevak got a reaction from evabug1 in Population growth   
    When we moved into a new house last July all but about 8 of my Red Rili and Cherry shrimp died. 
    They're doing much better now. ?
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to TheGardenofEder in End of the year sales.   
    All packages are shipped priority usps don't worry about weather I cover all doa and will ship out to anowhere no matter how cold. Please pm me with any questions.
    12 fire red cherrys  $40 shipped 
    12 Red Rillis $40 shipped 
    12 blue dreams $65 shipped
    12 yellow 24k $50 shipped 
    12 Bloody marry $70 shipped
    12 Green Jades %70 shipped 
    12 CRS $50 shipped
    12 CBS  $50 shipped 
    12 michilings  $50 shipped 
    12 black panda $80 shipped 
    12 red pandas  $120 shipped 
    12 TGOE PRL $120 shipped 
    12 a grade Blue Bolt $120 shipped 
    12 s grade Blue Bolts $170 shipped
    12 black zebra pinto $250 shipped
    12 Yellow King Kongs  $75 shipped

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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to Sparrow in End of the year sales.   
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to Kakarot in Can't seem to get my ph under 7   
    It's not the lava rock. 
    Since you've been using RO for a while now, your KH is most likely 0 which will results in unstable pH without an active substrate. Anything done to disturb your tank will cause a pH swing.
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to dao in Can't seem to get my ph under 7   
    If you have an active substrate then it has no more buffering ability. You need to either restart the tank with new substrate or use proper filter media in an external filter. Active substrate usually consumes kh, so if you have any detectable kh it's also a sign that your substrate is gone.
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    Wakspiddlevak reacted to EricM in Can't seem to get my ph under 7   
    we've heard many bad stories about Fluval Stratum not being able to hold a low ph, not lasting more than a couple months, turning to mush quickly.  
    100% my opinion your Fluval Stratum not doing what its designed to do.
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