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  1. Lately, we've been talking an awful lot about the environmental benefits of botanicals in our aquariums, and how they impart "functional aesthetics" to our systems. I think that's become not only more accepted in the hobby, it's backed up by a lot of scientific field studies. What is also studied by science, but a little more "esoteric" in the hobby (IMHO) is the use of botanicals as supplemental food for our fishes and shrimps. Now, it's known that most plant materials have nutritional value; or rather, they contain nutrients, vitamins, etc. which are known to be beneficial to aquatic o
  2. Thanks very much! It's a lot of fun to share out ideas and discuss them with the aquarium world. SO much to learn...it starts with sharing ideas and goes from there! -Scott
  3. Hey there. It's been a while. Like, too long! My name is Scott Fellman- owner of Tannin Aquatics. I'm sort of embarrassed. I mean, I started out like gangbusters here, posting blogs like every day. And then, like so many small biz owners, I got caught up in the everyday aspects of running and growing my business! Now, I started out here in 2015-16 with the best of intentions; I was going to never be "one of THOSE" sponsors, who simply has a forum as a placeholder. And after simply "renting my space" here for a couple of years, I realized that it wasn't all that c
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