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  1. I thought he was dead. But I touched him with a net and he took off. The moss is from another tank. Not new. I wasn't sure if it was a terrestrial centipede or a larvae of some sort.
  2. I've got a 40G Breeder cycling with just Amazonia and moss and I find this swimming around this morning!
  3. I've got 100 or so and they have to be housed only with their own kind. They are very active hunters of small fish and all snails.
  4. Morty

    Morty's Shrimp Room

    A very good question indeed... I haven't decided yet. Figure I have a couple weeks before I have to make up my mind.
  5. So I picked up 2 40G Breeders for dirt cheap and decided to add some new life to my shrimp room. I ran out of Aquasoil to finish the bottom tank so it will have to wait until I can hit the LFS. I underestimated how many bags 80g of tanks would take. Running an Eheim 2236 fully seeded from another tank and have a dual sponge currently seeding to be added.
  6. Can't speak to US, but everyone here in Canada carries it pretty much.
  7. Quick opinion count here: I picked up 2 very nicely colored SS No entry females a few months back and they have been breeding machines, they have lost a bit of their fullness to the white but my issue is with the offsrping, they've been born with perfect colouring but as they have matured, most of them are losing their white. Is it just genetic? Water params? Bad luck? I've never seen colour loss like this before. I'm at work or else I would attach some photos but the white is turning clear. Ph: 6.0 Kh: <1 GH: 5 Temp: 72.0 TDS 160~
  8. You can trap them all day long, the traps work, but if you don't solve the root of the problem, you will never see the end of them. By the time they are in your trap they have already reproduced.
  9. Absolutely incredible shots
  10. As for filters it really comes down to personal preference. I personally only use canisters, and only Eheim. I find canisters quieter and more effective, but they also cost substantially more. You should be able to find a metal frame stand for 50 bucks, Can't hide anything inside them, but they are way cheaper.
  11. I lost a full 55gal tank of CRS last summer when my AC conked out over a weekend I was away. All the tanks in the basement were fine but the one on the main floor had a couple hundred cooked shrimp at 28C... was a sad day
  12. It may just be my luck but I've never had a extremely stable shrimp population in any of my planted tanks that get regular ferts. I know some that people run co2 and auto dose and have no problems at all. Just hasn't worked for me...
  13. There's a LFS here in Ontario that has good prices on Ziss products. With the USD exchange rate it would be real cheap for you Americans. http://angelfins.ca/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5
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