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  1. No that wasn't me. I just started keeping shrimp a year ago. I have had an orange tank which I mentioned I lost completly. Red Cherries primarily but no selective breeding at least not yet. I'm mostly just having fun until I can get a good colony going. I have an empty 20Gal waiting until I move and buy a nice stand for it and move my red cherries into there to keep colony growing, still small with all the deaths I've had maybe 20...
  2. I have been having losses all summer due to a bacterial infection but I think I got it under control at least I hope. I lost all my orange shrimp unfortunately.
  3. I would say clear with a blue tint. It's hard to say, it's been easier the bigger it has gotten. I have whether one like it bit it looks more brown.
  4. So this shrimp is the offspring of my red cherries tank that had a funky wild female until she died. He look cool thought any thoughts?
  5. 1. ahboram 2. Dluxeshrimps 3. Qawsican 4. Slycat929 5. Ohmiko 6. Adrand 7. Sarah 8. SenorShrimpster Happy Birthday and thanks for the RAOK.
  6. what kind of parameters so you keep them in?
  7. Yeah my selection here is pretty limited as LFS get them at randomly and I'm small quantities. Usually only have reds though.
  8. No they were all like that I had all males with only one of them being well colored. My female that recently died was very orange. The picture is a bit old they are a bit bigger now and just look old red cherries to me. I have a new set of babies and they seem to have more of an orange hue to them. I guess we will see
  9. So it has been about 3 weeks and all shrimp still look red. Would it be best to remove all reds from tank or keep them in there as they have the orange gene carried over.
  10. Soothing I have some orange neos I have been breeding I have a bunch of babies coloring up nicely, ill let you know how they turn out. Unfortunately my one and only breeding age female died shortly after having her second batch of babies.
  11. hey guys was going to get some advice from you. I recently had babies in my orange shrimp tank. They are now big enough to see and they look more red than orange. Does anyone know if that is only because they are juveniles, week they get more orange as they grow. Thanks in advance. WP_20160630_08_45_21_Pro.mp4
  12. Hi there I'm fairly new to this but I will answer to my understanding at least in regards to number of shrimp. 1. 100-150 2. You will want to cover your intake with sponge or switch to a sponge filter 3. It depends some will some won't. I have a small specialty per store semi interested but I just started my colony. Had my first orange sakura babies a week ago and now I have a berried red cherry Hope this helps maybe some one else can verify my number of shrimp but I think it's close.
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