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  1. ohmiko


    Just did this painting of a BKK Shadow Panda , pending sale if it works out with the buyer. 6inx9in oil paint. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me for paid commission details
  2. my tigers like these too! the algae is a nice touch and balance of greens and protein.when it drops in my tank, the algae sort of disperses and sends out a trail signal for a swarm xD
  3. How many is in the colony? Interested in a price for all
  4. Local Pick up in SoCal only. I am located in Westminster. For quick sale, they are $5 each, breeding age. PM ME IF INTERESTED. No shipping. Priority to whoever can get them as soon as possible. Looking to have new stock in those tanks Willing to trade for any tiger shrimps.
  5. Just got these gorgeous beauties in. Not really green yet but probably from stress or young. Very easy to tell they're not neos. Their eyes reflect light, their bodies are similar to that of a yellow rhino shrimp but without the hunch.
  6. blue crown carries them frequently. bought some from him once. very nice active shrimp. seems to be the only person ive seen selling them too
  7. Wilds are just brown. Orange is a mutation. Like orange neo u can breed them if you like.
  8. SCR Santa and low grade scb. The low grade was just the left over straggler from when he did have scb because he doesn't sell low grade as regular
  9. you'll ruin SCR and Its reaaally hard to get the right pattern for SCR and SCB. There really isnt a shortcut besides starting from getting grade b-c and starting from there to breed the color richness, but even then you'll produce tons of the cull A patterns etc that youll want to remove. Its better to just buy it from someone. Jason Lin from Blue crown located in El Monte, frequently imports them in along with SCR. I have a picture of a Low grade SCB from him. Let me find it.
  10. Anyone have any of the following available? Pm me Red tiger oebt blonde black tiger oe galaxy or leopard(prob not but doesn't hurt to include my dream shrimp LOL) any wild type tigers appreciated too :-) located in SoCal, interested in paying shipping too
  11. oh your tds is fine then. If it was RO + Remineralizer then yes 400 is too much but otherwise thats pretty norm. definitely invest in something to increase oxygen level, and cooling system and it should be a-okay
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