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  1. Learning the recommendations on the SS GH+ Manufacturer are way outdated and we have come a long way, GH 6 is too high for high end stuff like new lines of pintos while CRS may do good in 6GH other fancy shrimp or Imported shrimp won't do good at all and you run the risk of having molting issues, I would match your parameters to the breeder's parameters, I keep most of my shrimp at GH 4 except for my Tibees, I keep those at GH 5.
  2. It seems odd not even few babies are surviving, have you checked you Nitrates? I have also heard that Bacter AE causes issues if fed to much, I use Magic Powder 3-4 times a week and a few others once in a while.
  3. HMF don't need to be cleaned until the tank or soil break down, Nice setup BTW.
  4. As far as I know These are many generations down the road, IF TBs were used that was probably in the beginning and that's just speculating, I know she protects her breeding secrets very dearly.
  5. Wow the Variety of Shrimp you got out of this Cross is amazing.
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