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  1. Bump! This week i'm shipping Monday - Wednesday!
  2. Weekly Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) for sale! $10 for 15 plants/nodes $20 for 35 plants/nodes --Baby nodes/plants connected are included for free.-- Priority Shipping: $7.50 Shipping Days this week: Monday & Tuesday
  3. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification Where/who did you get your Endlers from?
  4. Hi, your picture shows that you have two different strains in your tank: a black bar endler and a red chested endler. I didn't know you could keep different strains together and still consider them N-class. Am I mistaken?
  5. If you have that many canisters to buy, i'd go cheaper and get the SunSun 302s
  6. What shrimps are you planning on putting in there?
  7. oh hey! Michael showed me your listing too! hahaha. I'm the guy asking to ship it later on
  8. It shouldn't matter. I personally use my tap water and my pH is mid 8s. As long as you can keep the parameters constant it should be okay
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