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  1. Faralon, I do the same thing. ...and I keep a special pipette for water tests only.
  2. Hi Everyone. I'm read some interesting discussions regarding the API pH tests vs.electronic ones. It would seem that contamination of testing equipment could play a role in some of the discrepancies. That being said, do you use any specific tools to scrub out your test tubes? Do you use a special cleaning solution? And what do you rinse your equipment in? Thanks! Duque
  3. Poopians, I may try that technique tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. For anything that needs to be in the water column, I usually mix with water first and then introduce it via a pipette. When adjusting RO, I dissolve SS GH+ and TDS UP in a small, clean, soda bottle, first. That way, it's easier to see if the powder has dissolved completely or needs more "shaking".
  4. It's a good thing I don't live in California. How are people going to deal with home RO systems there?
  5. You guys are great, as always. Thanks! So, here's the follow-up the question: If you can get 2 gallons of RO per hour (this is just for example), does this mean your tap is full for an hour and the rest of the water runs off? I'm unclear about the mechanics of how this works. The idea is to attach it to the laundry room faucet (in the large sink), with my 5 gallon containers catching the RO, while the rest drains out.
  6. Hi Gang. I'm getting tired of going to the LFS to get my RO every week, since I only need about 10-20 gallons per week. Our tap water comes from the Potomac River, so there are lots of chemicals in it. The water company uses Chlorine and Chloromine in their treatment process, so it's a crap-shoot every time we turn on the faucet. Does anyone have any suggestions for a very small and simple RO unit for about $150? Should I just use Brita filter? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Shipping Stress and Diet? Well, water tests showed nothing unusual with the parameters. It was a little on the lower pH side - 6.8, but nothing drastic. Here's what was interesting: I got my package of natural products from Han, boiled the Guava leaves and soaked the Mulberry leaves. After introducing the leaves into all of the tanks the shrimp went nuts, ...except the Painted Fire Reds. It took a few hours for the Painted Fire Reds to finally start nibbling on the leaves and after that, ...no problems. Not only did they retain their color after eating, but I tested their appetit
  8. Hah! Miwu, now you know why I'm posting. :-) This is very strange. *Yes, it does sound like poisoning.* ...but there are a few whose shell becomes lighter and then recovers within a few hours. So, it appears to be stress. You have some excellent questions and suggestions. Let me try to address where we are: - Other than species-specific water parameters, I try to treat all of my shrimp tanks identically (water change schedule, food rotations, etc..) - I've always kept Painted Fire Reds in this tank. I still have young adults and they appe
  9. Ah-ha! I discovered some cause and effect, ....yet the mystery deepens. This batch of Painted Fire Red Cherries gets stressed a lot. The stress affects their color, right? I've had these shrimp for a week, they were previously held over for another week at the supplier's location (due to weather), and prior to that, they flew in from Asia. So, they have reason to be a little bit sensitive. Any time I top off the aquarium or do a water change (all using drip system), they get stressed. Any time I feed them "processed" food (anything other than Ken's Veggie sticks or blanched sp
  10. Congratulations Monty. Those are some beautiful colors. I was just curious about one thing: Why use a breeder box? I usually just let mine roam free.
  11. Hi guys. Out of 150 shrimp, I've only had 5 deaths total. I guess I shouldn't complain. Nevertheless, it would be good to understand why it was the Painted Fire Reds that suffered the losses, especially since they're supposed to be the hardy breed. Dragon, I don't see why you'd anticipate more deaths? My water is fine, ...both before and after introducing the shrimp. After the obvious stress from shipping, I'm trying to determine if food may have played a part in contributing to their deaths. ...either by the specific food, or simply feeding them while they were stressed. Wh
  12. Charis, I add Mosura TDS Up when my Salty Shrimp GH+ doesn't provide a high enough TDS for certain species of shrimp. There are other products out there. Whatever you choose, it's helpful to have it on hand. * By the way, when adding either SS GH+ or TDS UP, I always premix them in an empty (and clean) small soda bottle or Gatorade bottle. Just add the powder, fill it 1/2 way with RO water (so there's room to make "waves") and shake it for about 15 - 20 minutes. That way, you can see if all of the particles have dissolved. Soothing, You mentioned that molting has more
  13. Thanks for the input, everyone. The PFR's seem to be doing OK. We'll see how things go.
  14. Wow! A lot of great questions and information, guys. I'll try to address everything, so you'll see why this is such a mystery and maybe it will help others receiving shrimp orders. 9thDragon, I got the shrimp from ShrimpUSA. Bob always has gorgeous Painted Fire Reds that arrive alive and remain healthy. Soothing and Poopians, I always try to adjust the shrimp to my tanks, since it will be too late to make any drastic changes once the shrimp arrive. For that reason, I always try to keep my parameters in a "neutral" area for the wide range of conditions PFR's can live in. pH 6.8 -
  15. Thanks for the input. Dragon, you might have a point about the stress. I'm wondering if anything should have been added for a few more days. God knows I have enough biofilm. Still, it was 60 shrimp and the portion I gave them was extremely small. The dosage instructions seem a bit excessive. That's why I'd rather feed less than risk overdosing. Poopians, I'm in agreement with you regarding Bacter AE, in general. All of my shrimp react to it positively. Yesterday, I gave them a tiny bit of regular food (just for a "taste of home"). As for today, I gave them nothing else and d
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