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  1. Use a carbon filter to clean up the water. Start doing water changes as soon as you can. Pray.
  2. I was told that the brown leaves have a weakened cell structure, which lets the shrimp break them down easier.
  3. Would you want that much water to leak out if the repair didn't work?
  4. They are most likely eating any biofilm that's on the glass. Unless you used Flex tape to build your aquarium!
  5. They come from Taiwan Search Chris Lukhaup shrimp king if you want to know the history Can you re-ask your breeding question a little different? I dont get it.
  6. It happens, I've found shrimp on the floor 20 feet from the tank where they walked all night.
  7. Just don't clean your wall It will come
  8. Just give it a try on some shrimp that you wont care about losing if something terrible happens.
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