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  1. What is the difference between green jade and green emerald?
  2. Well I can't speak to others, but it depends what type of shrimp you are planning on keeping and what your water is from the tap. One of the things I would do for my neo's is just the simple brita pitcher water. I would just keep filtering until I got a 5 gallon bucket's worth let it set and throw a little Prime in and I was good to go. Hope this helps!
  3. If you ever need to thin out some blue culls. Let me know. Whatever name you use those are great looking shrimp!
  4. Placed an order. Can't wait. Watch often on youtube and seem like really good people.
  5. Didn't want to subvert the red steel project that you posted in. I was wondering how they achieved the blue dragon shrimp.? What types are the using? Thanks so much!!

  6. Wow those are some amazing looking shrimp! It always shocks me how different they can look under different lights and pics.
  7. Would this be effective on limpets as well? I know they don't really harm anything, but I have them in one of my 20 gallon shrimp tanks and have smashed thousands by now with no improvement.
  8. I got them from reputable sellers here. As I said at the size sold I would find it hard to sex. I would have to say it was reasonable they just scooped. The odds however were not in my favor. Are caridina just less likely to produce female offspring? Thanks again for the responses!!
  9. Thanks for the response. That's what I thought. Though when I got them they were pretty small. I am not sure it would have been possible to sex them.
  10. So I got some shadow pandas and blue bolts. Unfortunately a lot more males then females. I have two females and about 30 males. So far the females seem fine. I even have babies, but my question is what should the better ratio be? I am afraid that the females will get wore out if multiple males chase them. The other part is even if I find the ratio I don't know many sellers that will sell just females. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I use it as well. I just make sure to dose as it says and not a drop more.
  12. Petco is having it's sale again. Hint, Hint!!
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