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  1. Thanks Zodiac. I will add some nitrate today. Hopefully that will kick the plants into gear. A
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve been running a few low tech planted neo tanks for a while. In the past I’ve fought what I thought was high nitrate problem, with good plant growth but some random deaths of shrimps every now and then. Since then I bought a large tub of Seachem Matrix and installed them into the canister filters and a diy low flow nitrate reducing chamber. What I observe now is slow plant growth, some appearance of green thread algae, and very low baby shrimp survival rates. The adult shrimps are happy and healthy but the colonies are not growing. I bought new phosphate and nitrate
  3. Regarding the RO Buddie, Is the DI cartridge needed for neos? Thanks.
  4. Afeather, Love your tanks and your passion! Beautiful shrimps too- I'm sure you will take good care of them. I started my first tanks well-planted, one with dirt capped with sand, another with Fluval Stratum. The Fluval was a little hard to plant in, but the plants really flourished. Another thing it did was it always held the pH in the mid 6's for me. A touch low for neos but very stable- as long as I introduced new water slowly. Hope you will have great success! p.s. I'm thinking of the RO Buddie myself too, so I will keep an eye on your reports to see how it is
  5. Good ideas for the next setup
  6. NotKelly, You are right on. The sponge cleaning consideration is definitely a drawback of this design. I looked into that a bit and from what I gathered, it takes a good while for the large surface area of the backwall to be clogged enough to make a difference in filter efficiency. It probably depends on tank loading. My plan is to keep the tank clean, lightly stocked, and see how long it'd last. It will be a learning experience and I'll be happy to report back. Just in case, I have 4 buckets ready for a complete tear down . Auratus
  7. I got the foam from Swiss Tropicals. The folks there were very helpful in giving me inputs and allowing custom cuts with very reasonable pricing. They offer waffle cut and ridge cut for the thicker foams.
  8. Sorry I don't have empty tank photos. Was too eager to get the setup going. The HMF back support was by smaller blocks of HMF cut from a larger strip. I put them behind the dividers. Heaters, airlines, flow adjusters and lift tubes go in between the blocks. This picture may show it better. Auratus
  9. Just finished cycling my new 40 gallon breeder. DIY partitions cut from plexi glass. HMF back wall is common to all 4 partitions. Hope this will be the new home to some healthy and happy shrimps.
  10. Love your profile picture. Red cherry on hydrocotyle- the color just pops.

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