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  1. hello, I am interesting to know about this project, or maybe anyone have some strain like that ?
  2. That's is, that is the bacter Ae bio film colonization ^_^, I guess your aquarium is new, no more than 6 month old, still a baby aquarium.
  3. yes thank you in my life, such a nice experience can meet and discuss someone like you. I like to watch many animal documentaries on tv from many channels and read books about it, one of conclusion on animals life is, let all the best mating and always exist with their generations, and let no other continue to have offspring. yes, you're right, first is the fitness, have some defect is a "no" second is their appearance, because we want it and the third, if can is their good mentality as pet, for example, I don't want have any shrimp which shocked and go away when I come to visit and see them, but instead continue their daily routine while knowing that I'm close to them.
  4. any new info or they just turned to be black "again" ?
  5. blue bolt and wine red is from same "original parent" even they're same, originated from same breeder and i believe when He say from same cross between red and black bee of caridina cantonensis. They can and will mixed, if someone say, they can keep together and not cross breed, red wine and blue bolt, that just a random and maybe the shrimp was crossbreed but the result still wine red or blue bolt shrimplet and the breeder think, they're not crossbreed
  6. I do agree with you, to cull any bad looking males (All shrimp which go frantic swimming) while you see 1 or few females being targeted by some males, even for the young too. based on experience and learning, I suggest at least 3 aquarium/or pond, to do selective breeding. 1) the main aquarium/pond, the place which dedicated for the breeder/ shrimp which allowed to mate/breeding, the place for your chosen shrimps 2) 1 aquarium/pond for the male culls 3) 1 aquarium/pond for the female culls I highly suggest never mix the male and female culls, that bad for the shrimps and for you. Shrimps will be mating and breeding, if you mix them in 1 place and when their bumber increased, the unwanted shrimps, then you will get more obstacle for breeding and development purpose. You have the right to culls any shrimp, male or females, or maybe baby (for this, if you want add 1 more tanks, especially for the culled baby shrimps, hehe). only breed the shrimp that suits your goals, and sometime, don't forget to visit and look to "culls" aquarium/pond, maybe one of them transform into a good looking one or new/unique one.
  7. a freshwater clea helena have poison or sting ? We must have some scientific or at least research to prove this. I never have problem with clea helena, even have them with my true breed red bee shrimps and all going fine. Is i ever see a shrimp eaten by them ? yes i see an old or shrimplet ? no, a juvenile young shrimp and it sick since its birth, have some defect and while grown to juvenile that shrimp going weaker from week to week. I even see some shrimps routinely cleaning their shells and body and the assasin/clea helena let them do the jobs. from what i observe, this sbails, clea helena in nature is not predator, they look like a vulture, prefer the death and the sick, I can't explain yet, but clea helena insist to wandering for hours just look for the sick/death.
  8. the shrimp go in frantic dance from far i know is not only because mating feromon by female, but also when they are hungry and they sense a "new food" is arrive or come into the body of water. For me, I will only take out and cull the adult male, all the shrimplet would not confuse me, because they don't have ability yet to fertilized female eggs :)
  9. keep it the strain, You can get the reward prize for them later
  10. yes continue to cull all shrimps which you are'nt wanted inside the aquarium and maybe you can buy even 2 or 3 bloody merry, I'm sure the price has already drop much, here in My city, I can buy bloody merry variant for around $1 each. Hope can get new variant from continue selecting them
  11. I will wait patiently for the purple for the around $10 price
  12. From may amateur analyze, it must be from the shrimps : they are stressed before going inside to your aquarium, sick and stress, but they hold it till dying the shrimps is too old or hard to adapt with new water or shocked the shrimp is not the healthy descendant and get selected by natural process from the water source make sure the water is safe wash hand and other before get inside aquarium check all material inside aquarium, including woods and rocks, some of it can slowly release some chemical compound which make shrimp disturbed remember, Our aquarium is closed habitat, no place to run for the shrimps, do not like river, if they don't like, they can simply move into convenient place.
  13. Borneo wild bebi, just because I don't know where to buy other product name above, near Me, I live in Indonesia, East Jawa province, lucky the babies not a picky eater and they grow healthy
  14. yes, the photo give the answer, some people call them blue jelly shrimp maybe ? sure it from crystal shrimp descendant caridina cantonensis var. blue jelly ? that's normall, some people, I'm sure selling with the market name "blue jelly" or sometime "aura blue"
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