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  1. Like he said, peat moss and excessive amounts of IAL works, I have a Blackwater tank running right now and it takes about 40 leafs to get 6 gal to Blackwater standards, charcoal filters help remove the color but I don't run a charcoal filter in that tank EDIT: 40 small leafs
  2. There's some orange spots on an otherwise plain malawa shrimp, I was wondering if I should quarantine it, also found a dead shrimp in the tank earlier as well, looked like a possible molting related death though.
  3. I do not have access to amano shrimp and I'm not really willing to pay to have them shipped since it gets expensive, I've looked into other methods from removing hair algae such as dosing excel but I've read that it melts moss, that being said I do not want to risk melting my fissidens collection being that it grows painfully slow as it is, any suggestions?
  4. However you choose to spend your day off, I hope it is filled with eggs!
  5. Yeah man! Still on the hunt for tigers lol
  6. Plamski has really great blue bolts try shoot him a message and see what he has available! You'll have to ship them but his packaging is top notch
  7. Oh nice! North shore is really peaceful and Kailua is a nice quaint town! They've done a ton of development in the past two years!
  8. Shucks lol yeah it's hard to find people to trade with over here
  9. Black rose, black Sakura, black chocolate, not really concerned with what type of black shrimp, just looking to see what kind of deals people have if anyone is selling at the moment
  10. I was wondering if there's any hobbiests on island
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