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  1. Hey bro, just look around the forum... There's more than enough info here that should lead you into the right direction. Truthfully, some of the best in the biz has at some point & time left some knowledge here for new shrimp keepers. By the way, good luck... Oh, not giving advice but I'd take a minimalist approach & have a shrimp only tank. Other than that, its all about parameters....😎
  2. Had a little spare time to take a few more pictures of these hyper active Tigers....
  3. Still have plenty for $ale feel free to PM me anytime. Also, there's updated pictures of the Stardust on my thread in Genetics & Selective Breeding.
  4. How's your hatch making out? Do you have any more pictures of them? Mine are growing fast & checksum out! 😎
  5. Yeah, in a way I have. Sometimes, I'd get YKK in my project Xs & I'd breed the females.. Here's a few of my Xs's offspring; I call them Bumble Bee Tigers & their my 5th Generation... A shot w/Black Tibee & Bumble Bees mixed From the 4th generation on they breed true. Once in a while, I get a Mischling pattern like above. 😪 However, the chance of getting one is now sitting around 1-3% of a hatch.
  6. Hello all, just wanted to update the thread. Here's a few shots below of the colony in a mob feeding frenzy. Its the last bit of homemade food I bought off fellow SSpot member Minusinfinity. Once again thanks Minusinfinity. 😎 Current parameters: TDS 141, Temp 71 & Gh 5.
  7. Hmm, never tried that... If you haven't done it already; Checkout The Garden of Eden's threads. I'm sure he'd give you some insight into breeding cool patterns.
  8. Forgot to add that if you can successfully back-X those & get more of the blue genes. Take those, X them w/a nice RKK & you'll like the offspring for sure.
  9. Here's a few pics for you.... All I got to say is keep on breeding them!
  10. Forgot to add that write your parameters on the tank as a JIC. If you keep them right shrimp will live for quite awhile. Right now, I have a female TangTai w/Aura genes that's 15 months old. What's really cool is she just berried out real nice again & kept the entire clutch! Other than that, take your offspring & X'em back with Mom. Those offspring should have a more reticulated Tiger pattern on them.
  11. Just an idea, take some cell pics for reference & write your parameters on the tank..
  12. My Fancy Tiger/Yellow Jackets/Black Tibee are at least 5 gens & have the appearances shown below. They do have Tangtai genes that are from 2 generations back. The offspring were breed with Male black Pinto before being interbreed. They do have Aura genes too. Once in a while, they'll throw a YKK, it's mostly now the patterns seen below. Some yellow jackets have backlines while others have a stacked tiger pattern. Some Black Tibees are in the mix to & all have TB genes. See the blue in the male above....
  13. Hey, given her coloration. Sometimes you'll be able to see the eggs forming behind the head before traveling down the body to the tail. BTW, overtime, you'll get to see them berry before their fertilized & you'll enjoy seeing that.
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