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  1. Hey guys! Here's my newest tank... 5-gallon opae ula!
  2. They arrived healthy and active! Beautiful shrimp as always! Thanks Dani!
  3. Thank you Ibebian! I wasn't sure if remin water had to be used right away! ?
  4. Awesome! I'll try that. Thanks! I have a 20 g long, 10 g and 4 3-gallon nano tanks, so I was hoping to use the 5 gallon jug to mix it in. I was just wondering if I had to do anything else to store it if I don't use it all right away.
  5. Hi all, I've just gotten SS gh/kh and need some advice. Approximately how much should I use to mix in a gallon of distilled water for a tank with just neos? I also have Seachem alkaline buffer and Seachem acid buffer, should I add that as Well? My ph has been unstable with a kh of 0-1. I have two 3 gallon nano tanks with neos. The ph keeps dropping from around 7.1 to 6.6. I've been using ph up to try to slowly stabilize it, but it keeps dropping. I've been using Red Wizard to remineralized but just got SS gh/kh this week and will switch to that instead. I'm just not sure exactly how much to us
  6. I've gotten Nerite snails from David in the past and they're still alive and healthy. I would recommend Aquatic Arts.
  7. Bearpaw Arts and Crafts on Etsy has a large selection at reasonable prices https://www.etsy.com/listing/475236130/cholla-cactus-skeleton-branches-kit-2pcs?ref=market
  8. I thought I read somewhere that you shouldn't use Excel in shrimp tanks. Is that accurate or is it safe to Use? Thanks!
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